ATM Pinguards

NCR is proud to offer custom designed Pinguards to fit most make and models of ATM machine whether it be NCR, Diebold, Wincor or others. Pinguard is a shield to protect your Customers from security breaches while at the ATM. The shield protects the ATM user by covering the fingers while typing in their pin code.  The PinGuard allows full accessibility to the ATM and is used by a number of the top global banks and deployer’s to increase the level of security at their ATMs. There are different models which can be fitted to meet TTW, drive-up, standalone and internal machines.


Why Pinguards?

There are two types of ATM PIN Crime that are growing in regularity:


1.    Distraction Attack

Criminal watches user enter PIN then distracts them and steals the card

Criminals also prey on older or infirm ATM users offering to help them but view the PIN entry and steal the card


2.    Skimming Attack

Skimming Attack Criminals use a card cloning device and fit a camera to record PIN entry


Cost of an attack?

  • Administrative time in dealing with both customer complaints and police requests for CCTV footage and statements
  • Compensation to victim for their losses
  • Loss of reputation


Your Customers want more security

One survey asked users “When using the PINGuard, did you feel less exposed while entering your PIN?” 78% answered “yes”


Over three quarters responded positively when asked, “Would you like to see PINGuards fitted in more locations?”


How do I get Pinguards?

NCR offers Pinguard programs in two ways:

1)    Pinguard Only Purchase

a.    NCR will fulfill your Pinguard order and will ship to your locations, however, you will be responsible for installation. Installation requires no tools and can be done in less than 20 minutes.

2)    Pinguard with Installation Services

a.    NCR will handle the entire Pinguard purchase, delivery, and installation process from beginning to end.

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