S2 Media Dispense Module

The S2 Media Dispense Module from NCR is available for all new SelfServ  ATMs. The key benefits of the S2 Media Dispense Module are in its ability to drive higher availability, improved serviceability and enhanced security at the ATM channel. This is achieved through a range of new dispenser features including: a redesigned note transport and presenter mechanism, separate compartments for purged notes, single note divert as well as a new cassette loading and identification system.




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  • Increased note present and bunch capacity up to 60 notes
  • Increased cassette capacity by 17% to store up to 2,500 notes
  • Simplified range of service parts – via 7 key compact field replaceable units
  • Optimal note picking performance using vacuum based adaptive pick technology
  • Secure carriage based transport – programmable to deliver “clean sweep” of note transport, checking for fraudulent trapping devices
  • Anti-overfill mechanism in each cassette – unique to NCR
  • Single note divert capability to minimize purge bin overfill and maximize efficient use of media within the dispenser
  • State of Health Indicators – utilizing a traffic light interface, providing a real time visual guide of the dispenser’s overall well-being
  • Separate purge bin compartments aid and simplify reconciliation and dispute resolution