Remote Deposit Capture for Businesses

Time seems to be in short supply for small businesses and corporations these days. In our fast paced, technology driven society businesses are looking for ways to get the most efficiencies while focusing on their business success. Every minute spent waiting in a queue to make deposits is time that business owners – or their employees could be working in the office, in the shop, in a customer location, or wherever they do business. In fact, business customers often start work late, or leave work early, simply to do their banking. And if they miss getting to the branch while they are open, they carry the added burden of securing their funds overnight on their premises or at home.


Of course, the other way to a business customers’ heart is to help with their cash flow. For businesses with single proprietors or remote workforces, it can be difficult to get the check into their accounts quickly without interrupting their business to make a trip to the branch or get checks back to their head office in time to make the cutoff deposit for the day. RDC offers all types of Small Business or Corporate clients the ability to make check deposits 24/7 using a desktop scanner or mobile device providing convenience, reduced risk and improved float.