Media Delivery

Online banking and document imaging scanning combine so customers have quick, easy access to images and data online improving service and reducing burden on bank staff. Customers can pull images and statements at their convenience and bank representatives in branches or call centers can quickly retrieve check images to support research requirements or to instantly provide assistance to customers. Using ImageMark Archive Content Services (ACS), web applications can retrieve data and images for one item or bulk requests. An application communicates with ACS by sending and receiving XML documents over an HTTP(S) channel. Key functionality includes:


  • Item Retrieval – providing a simplified HTTP interface to AIS
  • Image Extraction – enables the extraction of one or more images from a multi-image item
  • Content Transcoding – converts image content from its stored format to a requested format
  • Content Manipulation – provides common transformations (such as clipping, rotating, and     zooming) on image content






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  • Increases fee income
  • Reduces costs for internal check handling, courier and mail delivery