Omni-channel Payments

Many banks are looking to transition from the traditional silo systems processing transactions for a single channel to an ‘omni-channel payments hub’. With bank customers choosing the channel for a transaction based on their convenience, it is more imperative to consistently deliver transactions across as many channels as possible. To do that you need the flexibility in the transaction orchestration to recognize uniqueness of individual channels while lower the cost of ownership by sharing as much as possible. Once this is in place there is the option of further improving customer services such as to allow the initiation of a transaction in one channel and completion in another.

  • Multi-institutional, mult-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support
  • ATM and POS support for all major devices
  • Off-the-shelf card scheme support
  • PCI PA-DSS certification
  • Compliance with EMV standards including contactless and NFC
  • Transparent and re-configurable business logic
  • Real-time risk managmeent rules
  • Easy configuration for new network and host interfaces
  • Scalability - from small gateway systems to global networks
  • 24 x 7, 99.9999% resilience
  • Benchmarked to over 10,000 transactions per second
  • Respond to new opportunities quickly, accurately and cost-effectively
  • reduce the time to market for new products, functionality and channels
  • Streamline operations, while maximizing return on investment in existing systems
  • Minimize support requirements and dependency on legacy skills
  • Avoid costly vendor-dictated upgrade cycles and feature development
  • Maintain excpetional performance levels from a cost effective commodity platform
  • Control budgets, enhance profitability and benefit from a low cost of ownership