NCR Personal Scanner


It's never been easier for your small business customers to make a check deposit. NCR Personal Scanner is a small, low-cost, easy to install, USB-powered check imaging scanner that enables your customers to scan and deposit checks from wherever they run their business. Both sides of the check are digitally captured in a single pass and are electronically transmitted to your back office operations for payment processing. Using the check imaging scanner, coupled with our NCR APTRA Passport for Commercial application, your time-constrained business customers can eliminate trips to the bank to deposit checks. Small businesses can immediately, as transactions are completed, deposit checks from where they do business, eliminating courier fees and receiving quicker funds availability to their accounts. This process helps to reduce potential loss of checks or fraud. Security to the small business depositor is strengthened.






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  • Dual image cameras
  • Image output in gray, black and white or color
  • High resolution
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Certified with NCR APTRA Commercial Passport application