NCR ChequeMark

Built on NCR’s globally deployed NCompass Solution, NCR’s ChequeMark solution automates item payment processing procedures, enabling seamless transition from paper to a secure image-based check clearing system. ChequeMark provides data analytics capabilities for banks to use to develop intelligence information on customer needs as well as improve the bank-customer interaction. ChequeMark item processing suite forms a complete end-to-end solution to satisfy the needs of an image-based service branch automation solution and a check truncation system. By being completely self-contained as well as flexible to interact with external parties, this solution enables efficient business processes in check processing, including capture, outward clearing, inward clearing and backup of data and images.







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  • Check imaging proof and capture
  • ATM and branch image capture
  • Image data entry and recognition
  • Multi-bank
  • Service Bureau module
  • Commercial bank module
  • Positive pay
  • Sorting
  • Signature verification
  • Web signature verification
  • Web signature viewer
  • Remittance processing
  • Improved Customer Service for check deposits using imaging technology
  • New Revenue Generation with new product fees and market segments
  • Decrease Risk with automated processes and reviews, audit capabilities and less access to paper items
  • Operational Cost Savings with less infrastructure, work process improvements, consolidation of legacy storage systems and image archives