NCompass is a scalable suite of imaging software components for checking, imaging, payment processing, archival, and exchange. A complete solution supporting check truncation for retail banks, the open architecture of NCompass provides flexibility for customization based on customer and country-specific requirements. Incorporating the most advanced imaging and recognition technologies, NCompass enables your bank to automate many item processing procedures. In countries that have not completed their truncation initiatives, retail banks can prepare and gain benefits by creating the foundation of capturing and archiving checks with the ability to swiftly extend their processes for a truncation environment when legislation allows. A proven solution around the world helping reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies, NCompass can protect your bank’s long-term investment in check truncation and make it easier than ever to offer superior customer service without a high price tag.






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  • Improved Customer Service for check deposits using imaging technology
  • New Revenue Generation with new product fees and market segments
  • Decrease Risk with automated processes and reviews, audit capabilities and less access to paper items
  • Operational Cost Savings with less infrastructure, work process improvements, consolidation of legacy storage systems and image archives