National Institutions

Central Banks, Clearing Houses and Processing Organisations providing national check and image and payments processing systems demand cost effective solutions to maintain price competitive services to their customers as well as deliver new capabilities as for instance, image processing is accepted or faster payments services are developed. With its strong heritage in check and image processing, NCR can provide the services needed for the central infrastructure to handle clearing and settlement of checks and ACH payments as well archiving the images for later research and dispute resolution.


In many countries central processing services provide interbank connectivity for ATM and POS transactions requiring intelligent processing with the ability to rapidly connect to new end points, add new services such as supporting mobile wallets and integrating with fraud detection or settlement services. NCR’s transaction processing solution delivers the requirements to service these national interbank services.


The next development for many countries is faster payments or real-time ACH. NCR’s transaction processing engine has the flexibility to process these transactions with the ability to incorporate the specific processing required to meet the scheme rules and transaction flow. It can also connect to other services such as fraud detection or settlement in real time. NCR can also provide solutions for gateway services for organizations participating in an immediate payments scheme.


With a wide experience in payments and check and image processing, NCR is ideally placed to solve your problems in delivering central or national services.