Mobile Deposits

Give your  customers a fast and convenient way to deposit checks while on the move with NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile


As consumer adoption of mobile banking solutions continue to grow, meet your customer needs by giving them the ability to choose when and where they transact. NCR Mobile Deposit allows your retail banking clients to deposit checks remotely using their mobile device's camera as a scanner. This provides a cost-effective way for you to manage the check deposit process through mobile banking solutions and helps you to improve customer relationships, increase loyalty and grow revenue.



  • Expanded market reach and improved customer loyalty
  • Secure deposits from any location using remote deposit capture
  • Faster deposit processing
  • Improved user experience with higher check acceptance rates
  • Maximized fee revenue and deposits
  • Minimized costs
  • Expand market reach and improve customer loyalty - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile extends your market reach by enabling your customers to deposit checks while on the move. This protects your customer base and encourages loyalty by providing consumers, who are not located near a branch or who might be picking up checks in multiple locations, with faster availability of funds and an alternative option for making check deposits.
  • Secure deposit from any location - As an alternative to a branch or ATM visit, your customers can capture and transmit check deposits securely with their mobile phone, eliminating the risk of losing paper checks. NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile offers unique advanced fraud features, such as cross channel duplicate detect, cross channel deposit limits, item level deposit limits and deposit information availability. For business clients, this provides an audit trail with real-time traceability for corporate headquarters or cash offices and employee accountability as it tracks multiple employee check deposits. 
  • Speed up deposit processing - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile speeds up deposit processing for business customers with a convenient way of depositing checks allowing for advanced preparation for end of day corporate deposits. The processing time needed to validate and balance items in your central or back office is reduced because data arrives into your system quicker and in a more complete format.
  • Increase branch productivity - Perfectly complementing your multichannel strategy, APTRA Passport for Mobile provides a cost-effective alternative method of check deposit without further investment in physical branches or ATMs. This increases branch productivity by allowing branch staff to focus on higher value sales and service activities. 
  • Maximize fee revenue and deposits - With both existing and new customers able to make check deposits remotely with their mobile phone, overall deposits will increase and you can generate revenue by charging a modest fee on a monthly or per-check basis.
  • Minimize cost - Business customers and consumers can reduce their branch visits by depositing checks via their mobile phone. And with check deposits being sent electronically, your pickup costs from either the ATM or branch are also significantly reduced. 
  • Brand image - By delivering an unprecedented, intuitive and streamlined process for remote deposit, you can optimize customer experience, which can only further enhance your brand image.
  • Outsource options - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile is available as an in house or hosted solution. Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering means NCR APTRA Passport can be up-and-running quickly by letting NCR’s state-of-theart eCommerce Operations Center host and manage the technology for you. This solution is ideal for financial institutions that do not have the infrastructure, or the resources, to invest in creating and maintaining an in-house environment.