Mobile Deposit

As consumer adoption of mobile banking solutions continue to grow, meet your customer needs by giving them the ability to choose when and where they transact. NCR Mobile Deposit allows your retail banking clients to deposit checks remotely using their mobile device's camera as a scanner. This provides a cost-effective way for you to manage the check deposit process through mobile banking solutions and helps you to improve customer relationships, increase loyalty and grow revenue.








  • Expanded market reach and improved customer loyalty
  • Secure deposits from any location using remote deposit capture
  • Faster deposit processing
  • Improved user experience with higher check acceptance rates
  • Maximized fee revenue and deposits
  • Minimized costs

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Product Summary


NCR APTRA™ PASSPORT - An enterprise hub for remote deposit capture



A better way for your customers to deposit checks


Banks and financial institutions continue to face the challenges of managing new and evolving regulations and supervision to gain greater transparency and controls as economies recover and consumer confidence improves. There are many variables affecting profitability like low margins and changing customer behaviors and demands. To address these challenges banks must continually look at their business models and figure out how they can successfully handle teller activity, branch and operational efficiency. While also managing new technologies and launching new products and services to drive growth at the same time as balancing risk. 


This is where NCR APTRA Passport can help you transform both your bank and your customer relationships. As an enterprise hub for remote deposit capture (RDC), APTRA Passport gives one common re-usable platform designed to support a multi-channel strategy. It provides your customers with numerous, alternative ways to quickly and easily deposit checks—at the branch, at the ATM, at corporate and small business locations, and on-the-go using mobile devices.





A new journey for your checks 


Give your customers the ability to choose when and where they transact with you—using the channels and technology they prefer. APTRA Passport allows them to send balanced check deposits directly to your processing centers 24x7. By integrating multiple points of deposit into an enterprise hub, APTRA Passport: 


  • Automates the check transaction process, removing paper completely, resulting in vast cost savings
  • Shares services across deposit channels which mitigates risk and fraud
  • Easily scales to manage growing or shifting volumes of checks between retail, business or bank client channels



Address all your critical business challenges with one solution 


We have plenty of back-office processing experience and capabilities that we can use to build and provide an easy-to-use, end-to-end check data processing solution that helps you to:


  • Reduce your costs - By maximizing operational efficiencies to save processing costs such as labor, paper and courier, and by reducing risk and fraud losses before deposits hit your back office. 
  • Enhance your customer service - By offering Remote Deposit Capture Services, 24 hours a day from lots of locations delivering faster, easier check deposits via a streamlined and intuitive interface. By enabling earlier access to funds together with the reassurance of detailed deposit reports and customizable research and audit capabilities.
  • Grow revenue - By expanding your market through serving new customers in virtually any location, and by enhancing your product offering to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It also helps your CIO address how multichannel strategies can be incorporated into operations.
  • Minimize risk and fraud  - By providing secure and trusted transaction delivery to the bank for processing. This includes capabilities like deposit filtering and cross channel duplicate detection that are uniquely tailored to your customer segments’ deposit preferences. By automating deposits, you can speed up clearing cycles, which then means you can identify high risk deposits earlier while also optimizing staff efficiency.


The APTRA Passport RDC hub allows you to easily deploy new remote deposit options to your customers based on their needs and preferences, giving you the ability to invest tactically project by project while building your enterprise strategy. Depending on how you configure APTRA Passport, you can provide your customers with access to any combination of RDC channels that suits your go-to-market plan.



Retail Client APTRA Passport Solutions 


Retail Clients want convenience for deposits whenever and wherever they are. They embrace self-service as part of fast paced living while at the same time, expecting easy to follow processes and faster access to their cash. Consumers have varying levels of experience for managing technology, so offering easy to follow deposit channels is a must. APTRA Passport provides your retail bank clients with all these capabilities plus your bank risk for their deposits is minimized with customizable cross channel duplicate detection and user based deposit limit capabilities.


APTRA Passport for Mobile - Captures images automatically for deposits while on the go


Combining a mobile banking app with RDC and a certified smartphone, NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile lets consumers deposit checks securely, using their smartphone’s camera as a scanner. Your customers don’t have to be photographers to decide when they have the right shot of their check. We have incorporated MiSnap technology from Mitek which provides immediate feedback to the user as it decides when the optimal check image is available and captures it automatically without having to hit a button. This increases check acceptance rates making the customer experience of depositing a check better than ever before.



Retail Client APTRA Passport Solutions


APTRA Passport for Check Cashing - Provide fast transactions for the unbanked/underserved


Some customers who don’t have their money in a bank account or a strong relationship with banks want to get their money straight away from the checks they receive. Whether they want the cash or want it loaded onto a general purpose reloadable (GPR) card, APTRA Passport for Check Cashing offers banks the ability to provide real-time. This helps banks expand their deposit footprint using their Branches, ATMs or mobile deposit channels to attract consumers and small businesses looking for convenient check cashing alternatives. 



Business Retail Client APTRA Passport Solutions


Your business clients need efficiency. They are always looking for ways to better manage their time and cash flow, improve employee productivity, consolidate deposits and meet regulatory requirements that relate to making check deposits. APTRA Passport gives your business clients all these capabilities with real-time cross channel viewing and reporting letting them know the status of their check deposits. It provides audit trails and allows you to provide faster crediting to their business accounts improving their cash flow. And, APTRA Passport minimizes your risk for the deposits with account based deposit filtering across multiple accounts.


APTRA Passport for Commercial and Small Business - Easy and secure deposits from where their business happens


NCR APTRA Passport for Commercial allows your merchant, corporate, commercial and small business customers to make check deposits easily and securely from any business location. Your customers can centrally manage their deposits maintaining control and focus on their business. APTRA Passport for Commercial encourages your customers to have a single bank relationship consolidating accounts with you. You can expand your market beyond geographical boundaries to attract new customers, deposits and fee income.



Business Retail Client APTRA Passport Solutions


APTRA Passport for Commercial Mobile - Robust business deposits…anytime, anywhere


Commercial clients who do not use mobile banking but are on-the-go with their business, need a way to manage multiple check deposits. APTRA Passport for Commercial Mobile meets your customer’s needs by letting them use their smartphone for single or multiple check deposits and giving them auto locate, focus and capture of a check using Mitek’s MiSnap™ technology. Your business customers can manage deposits centrally with full visibility of the deposits as they happen. Meaning you can offer a new, faster alternative service to your lockbox customers.



Bank Client APTRA Passport Solutions 


Bank clients are your employees who may need to manage many transactions with branch clients along with other banking tasks throughout the day. Check deposits are time consuming, low margin and keep your tellers more focused on the deposit than on the customer. Most financial customers are looking for a more personalized service for other banking needs at the branch. APTRA Passport reduces the time branch staff need to make check deposits by automating the process using check scanners and imaging software at the teller and back counter. This reduces courier trips for paper check pickups for your ATM network. With check deposits being migrated away from the branch, your staff are more productive; focusing on the customer and growing revenue.


APTRA Passport for ATM - The fast way to improve your deposit process


NCR APTRA Passport for ATM allows you to capture check deposits at the ATM, making envelopes a thing of the past. The check image and related data are submitted electronically to your back-office, ready for immediate processing and risk review within minutes of the transaction. You can reduce costly trips to the ATM to pick up checks and assure your customers their deposit is complete with detailed receipts that include their check images.



Bank Client APTRA Passport Solutions


APTRA Passport for Branch Back Office - Let bank staff concentrate on customers rather than the process


NCR APTRA Passport for Branch Back Office provides the flexibility for tellers to complete check deposit processing in the back office, anytime during the business day. This simplifies transactions and enables tellers to provide a faster, better service -concentrating on the customer rather than the process. APTRA Passport for Branch is suited to larger deposits providing a complementary deposit process along with deposit information as part of a branch automation solution.


APTRA Passport for Branch Teller - Don’t replace, integrate


NCR APTRA Passport for Branch Teller is an alternative for banks that are looking to streamline deposits right at the teller desk. With less time needed to make deposits that include checks and fewer key strokes required, the teller can focus on higher value sales and service with the customer. It provides you with deployment flexibility and simple to complex integration options into proprietary or highly customized teller systems.



APTRA Passport at a glance 





REMOTE DEPOSIT CAPTURE - Progression of checks to digital deposits 





In the current economic climate, many financial institutions are facing renewed challenges. The ability to remain competitive while improving cost savings and increasing revenue is critical. As customers look to banks to offer them even more ways to manage their finances, maintaining existing customer relationships and realising opportunities to attract new customers are more important than ever to help achieve banking success.


Retail banking stakeholders focus on different areas driving different requirements to collectively support their bank’s strategy. Whether they are looking to engage more with their customers, manage transactions more efficiently or improve their customer experience a common theme comes through the discussions these days: transformation in banking is critical. Whether establishing new banking infrastructure or struggling with legacy systems, changing customer preferences are pushing decision makers to look at less costly deposit channels that leverage digital deposits such as mobile and online. And as they evolve their infrastructure, improving client satisfaction is paramount to retaining and expanding their client base while growing deposits.


This whitepaper will discuss the evolving financial payment mechanism of checks, and how there are still many opportunities to improve your customer experience, increase revenue, cut costs and drive efficiencies for financial institutions and their clients by rolling out digital deposits with remote deposit capture (RDC).



Checks play a vital role 


Many industry analysts have been talking about the demise of the check for years disappearing sooner rather than later. Consumer and company payment habits have proved difficult to shift away from the check. “Sooner” is now in the past. Some countries who thought they were pulling the plug on checks such as Canada and the UK, have realised after backlashing from the public, including consumers, businesses and charities who use them, that checks are vital in the economy and support for checks for certain types of payments is stronger than they anticipated. The good news is they are finding out there are opportunities for additional services, cost savings and great customer experiences arising from checks through remote deposit capture.



Growing customer base 


Huge popularity and increasing use of the mobile phone everyday are influencing the potential market for mobile RDC. The Financial Brand ranked expedited deployment of digital delivery for banks as #2 in the top 10 Digital Banking Trends and Predictions for 2015 based on responses from their crowdsourcing panel in the U.S., U.K. and Asia Pacific region. Not only are consumers the target for mobile RDC, the main market opportunity exists with the vast numbers of small businesses and corporates for banks to target, with checks still being used for seventy-four percent of business transactions.



Growing customer base  


Small business customer attraction: 


  • Service-based businesses who receive low volumes of checks while working at a buyer’s location no longer have to make a trip to the branch to deposit the check, leaving them free to move on to the next job.
  • Businesses with small numbers of checks on a daily or weekly basis will find mobile remote deposit capture more convenient and accessible than other available RDC channels such as commercial, and ATM, as they leverage already-owned mobile technology that they are comfortable using.





Digital deposits on the move 


Banks are focused on leveraging digital technology with their customers. 


Business and technical leaders wrestle to answer the questions that will impact the direction for their bank. Questions like: What new products will align well with their bank? How to automate more processes and deposits? How will their legacy systems manage? Where to invest? How much or how little? When and where to focus after that? What is their tolerance for change with staff in the front and back office? What’s the resulting payback versus impact to their business? 


Branch transformation continues to evolve; The Fed 2013 Payment study estimates 83% of checks are still deposited as paper at the bank of first deposit, only a 4% decrease compared to the 2010 Fed Payments report. Of the 21 billion checks written annually, 74% are received by businesses providing huge cost saving opportunities for businesses and financial institutions to convert their physical deposits into electronic deposits.


If you are focused on the back office costs, back office check volumes can be drastically reduced with branch transformation solutions and RDC enabling imaging at the Branch Teller, ATM, and Interactive Teller.


Digital channels such as mobile can drive the deposit cost even lower and customers are enthusiastically embracing these products for their check deposits.




The numbers are compelling and resulting in a huge momentum among banks to offer a check deposit via mobile phone service to their customers.



Make customer convenience and choice your priority


Alternative deposit channels are available for your customers to your branch or ATM network when you offer RDC. Whether a commercial client has a few or many checks daily, they can make deposits as they need using a check scanner at their workplace. If supporting retail clients is your main target, remote deposit services can be tailored to accommodate a flatbed scanner to make deposits using online banking. For commercial or retail clients, using a mobile phone to capture the check image, rather than a scanner, ATM or the branch, makes remote deposit capture transportable and appealing for all your clients. Providing a multi-channel strategy enables options for customers to make check deposits and changes the way they choose to interact with your institution.


The adoption of mobile banking continues to flourish. According to a Fed Survey released in March 2015 on Consumer and Mobile Financial Services, 52% of smartphone owners with a bank account had used mobile banking in the past 12 months and of them 51% had deposited a check electronically to their account using their mobile phone camera in the 12 months prior, up from 38 % in 2013.


With the success of Mobile RDC and adoption continuing to rise in North America, countries around the globe are taking notice. Remote deposit allows banks to offer their customers a familiar channel with a bigger service offer, providing increased convenience and choice as well as quicker availability of funds for an overall improved customer experience. With Gen X and Millennials accounting for the highest users for mobile banking, adding RDC to your mobile banking offering makes sound business sense. 



Make customer convenience and choice your priority


The benefits for your customers are vast: 


  • Deposits can be made as soon as the check is received eliminating the risk of forgetting or losing them 
  • Providing earlier availability of funds without waiting in a branch or at an ATM to deposit a check
  • Mobile remote deposit capture provides a service that is “always on,” easy to use, convenient and 24x7 deposit window for customers who are not located near a branch or ATM
  • Saves the cost of transporting paper to the bank 
  • Gives customers valuable time back in their busy daily lives by not being removed from their lifestyle or businesses to queue at the branch or ATM to deposit checks 
  • For business clients, RDC allows consolidation of deposits from multiple locations streamlining the deposit process and increasing the accuracy by automating the process



Expand your banking services 


According to a 2014 Global Consumer Banking survey, Winning through Customer Experience by EY, 2 key reasons customers open a bank account include:


  • More convenient to have everything in one place 29% - Multi-tasking is a way of life for many. Allowing customers to streamline their financial services can give them back much needed time and focus for other things
  • Access to branches and banking services 28% - Create “stickiness” and loyalty with your current customers by providing additional services - “Switchers” may choose your bank if you have the right products expanding your customer base



As check payments in the U.S. make up 50% to 70% of receivables for small business, significant savings can be made by using a remote deposit capture service.

- (Oliver Wyman research 2013, Small Business Banking Challenging Conventional Wisdom to Achieve Growth and Profitability)





Protecting and growing your deposits by expanding the bank’s market reach helps support health and sustainability for your financial institution. The adoption of remote deposit services will impact customer retention. Where a bank does not have a large number of branches in sparsely populated areas or regions with severe weather conditions, having alternatives, especially for your business clients to make check deposits is paramount.



Risk and fraud prevention


With traditional branch banking, retail and business checks are deposited at branch in person to a teller who could transact the deposit while the presenter is still in the branch. As check deposits move away from the face-to-face transactions in the branch with remote imaging, is the risk increased for potential fraud when the customer is not physically seen? 


There are many safeguards you can use to help mitigate accepting potentially fraudulent RDC transactions avoiding time, cost as well as potential reputational risk to your institution. RDC can actually reduce risk by being able to run risk assessments on items prior to their acceptance. 


One lesson learned from rolling out RDC in the US market is that it is important to use a single processing service for all channels to ensure risk assessment is applied consistently across all the deposits. For instance detecting duplicate check presentment is impossible if different processing systems are used. Having a software platform consistently and repeatedly running risk comparisons on deposited checks from multiple deposit channels is often a more accurate approach versus human intervention of the deposit. Examples include eliminating empty envelopes with check imaging at the ATM or duplicate presentment of the same check using different banking channels to your institution. 


Amongst other fraud prevention tools and solutions used by banks, financial services companies and processing centers, other safeguards can be incorporated to reduce RDC risk:


  • Apply velocity limits appropriate to the customer type and segment - You may have a small business client and a high net worth retail customer with the same deposit limit but one may be high risk while the other one is not
  • Provide immediate access to deposited items for risk review staff for on-us checks
  • Implement some type of duplicate detection process for all your items looking across accounts, users and banking channels 



Check: Your check list 


What is your key strategic focus? Cost reduction, customer experience and loyalty, revenue generation, risk management or a combined focus? Consider your customer segments and deposit demographics. Are you looking to deploy the solution quickly; in a matter of weeks or as part of a bigger and longer deployment cycle? Here are some things to review as you work on your strategy and help you prioritize your approach for RDC channels that best suits your customer base and organization.


Cost reduction - The focus here is taking deposits away from the branch so consider deposit channels of Commercial, Consumer, Mobile and ATM. Does the solution you are considering provide a single scalable platform to allow you to expand your RDC channels without having to manage multiple offerings from multiple vendors?


Customer experience/loyalty - Being able to successfully deposit checks from wherever it’s convenient for your customers; ATM, the branch, from business/home locations or on-the-go using mobile allows you to provide many alternatives to new and existing clients. 


Revenue generation or added service - Depending on your local regulations for check imaging, consider channels where you can drive fee income as well as additional deposits such as business deposits from business locations using a check scanner or mobile phone for commercial, corporate and merchant clients. Or look to add remote check imaging capability to your existing mobile or online banking offering to increase the attractiveness for your customer


Risk management - Does the solution you are considering provide a single scalable platform that can provide cross channel duplicate detection, flexibility in managing customer deposit limits, segments and tiers?



As you establish your strategy for RDC, contact an NCR representative today to find out more about our experiences helping banks and financial institutions to deploy our remote deposit and payment imaging solutions in countries around the globe.





Generic Bank (GB) gets check image enabled from the front to back office with NCR APTRA™ Passport and APTRA Payments Platform including Transaction Gateway.



“The Passport remote deposit capture platform gives us the flexibility to provide our clients with convenient and secure check imaging from business locations or on-the-go and allow us to also improve the customer experience for in-branch check deposits.” 

– Senior Vice President at GB  



Key highlights 


  • Industry/Market: Retail and Business Banking
  • Challenge: To implement a suite of software across GB’s entire check deposit and processing locations to enable imaging technology, reduce costs and offer new services without interrupting their business. 
  • Solution: – NCR APTRA Passport – one common re-usable platform designed to support a multichannel remote deposit capture (RDC) strategy. – NCR APTRA Payments Platform is an SOA based platform that securely manages check deposit transactions into the back office processing more quickly and efficiently. NCR Professional Services and NCR Support Maintenance.
  • Results: NCR Payment Imaging software solutions were fully deployed in 2 years which took 10 years to complete in the US market. 



The customer 


GB is one of the top 40 banks globally by asset size and one of the leading diversified financial services companies, providing personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investor services and capital markets products and services on a global basis. 


With assets exceeding $800 billion, they are one of the largest banking institutions globally with an ever-growing footprint in 40 countries globally.  


The bank serves over 10 million clients through its 1,000+ branches and network of over 4,000 ATMs offering advice and an array of product and services for private, commercial and corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management and capital markets as well as ancillary products and services around the world. 



The challenge 


GB has a powerful strategy focused on client experience and a diversified business model with a vision to expand to become the undisputed leader in banking. With fast paced changes in the banking industry, GB was looking to deepen their offerings and capabilities to clients to increase market share in both retail and business portfolios. Driving continued growth in deposit volumes by providing their clients with multiple ways to deposit while uncompromising their high standard of customer experience was important for GB. 


With the country moving to check imaging, GB looked at the branch and identified the teller as a key area to increase efficiency. With 80% of small business payments made by checks, GB was looking for a solution that could help migrate some of these time consuming and costly check deposits away from the branch teller while improving the check process for branch tellers. Having little technology infrastructure that the bank could leverage for check imaging, GB was looking for a total solution that would have them image-enabled as well as realise additional efficiency gains in their operations.


Time was a major factor, so speed of installation of the solution was vital. GB required multi-currency, multilanguage and cross border capabilities to support their services. GB was looking for a solution provider who could accommodate their unique requirements while meeting an aggressive rollout plan building their imaging infrastructure from the ground up. 



The solution


GB approached NCR to provide a complete imaging solution. GB had a number of unique challenges to address as the bank had legacy infrastructure and business processes that required a number of customizations including language, currency and workflow. The bank wanted to implement check imaging with deposits from the ATM, branch, mobile and online business banking including a total replacement of their back office infrastructure in 2 years; 8 years faster than it took US institutions to roll out a similar total solution.


Unlike any other software vendor, NCR was the only one with the proven capability to deliver multiple applications with customized requirements meeting the needs of the project. Based upon extensive experience, NCR has repeatedly achieved outstanding results for other customers changing the way they process checks on a common platform both for remote capture of checks as well as in back office processing.


NCR easily addressed GB’s multiple language requirements for English and French, multiple currencies and conversion capabilities for Canadian and US dollars in a short period of time. GB chose a suite of products from NCR Payments Check and Image Processing solutions.


  • APTRA Passport software delivers an enhanced customer experience in the branch and provides new product offerings the bank could extend to their business and retail clients. This completely fulfilled GB’s objectives of achieving their growth targets.
  • The APTRA Payments Platform provides streamlined consolidation of multiple channel deposits via its Transaction Gateway and data perfection workflows completely changing the way they process checks. Moving GB from a fully centralized paper based capture process to one supporting new streams of imaged items directly from multiple RDC channels into back office systems. 



The solution benefits


One of the outstanding benefits to GB was NCR’s speed to market rapidly responding to unique requirements and an aggressive rollout plan. With NCR imaging solutions, GB has reduced hold times by 3 business days. The bank has increased deposit volumes due to additional offers with RDC. Customer satisfaction has improved with 24x7 deposit options for checks when and where they want – at the branch, business, and on-the-go.  


Helping the bank generate new revenues and create customer stickiness, they launched APTRA Passport for Commercial to their business clients allowing check deposits directly from their workplace without worrying about weather or traffic jams to make it before the branch cut-off. Having one platform for RDC with an intuitive user interface and enough flexibility for GB to support and their corporate clients to manage from an administrative perspective is unique in market. 


For the bank’s Retail clients, APTRA Passport for Mobile is keeping GB competitive in the market. Customers like the novelty of being able to deposit a check using the GB mobile banking app as they are doing transfers and other banking. Commercial and Mobile deposit adoption has shifted up to 20% of branch check deposits so far.


Instead of replacing their teller automation, GB integrated APTRA Passport at the teller to quickly streamline deposits saving time, cost and business interruption. Flexibility has helped GB reduce peak time queues by allowing tellers to suspend check deposits until after a rush and allowing more time for staff to focus on clients. 


As an initial phase for ATM deposits, GB is imaging checks centrally using NCR iTRAN™ transports to capture the images for faster processing in advance of a future refresh strategy with intelligent deposit ATMs. 


With balanced RDC check transactions being consolidated by the Transaction Gateway and managed by NCR’s back The customer view office APTRA Payments Platform solution, items are processed faster, more efficiently and with less labor. Overall, NCR has allowed GB to realize dramatic cost savings for couriers and processing costs by the 10s of millions of dollars per year.


NCR’s Professional Services far exceeded GB’s expectations with their ability to hit all milestones, deploying on time and as scheduled. As a result of GB’s experience with all NCR teams, the bank can move forward with confidence they chose the right partner who understands the bank’s strategy. And, given the outstanding success to date, an amazing partnership has been developed between GB and NCR with check imaging in a leading role.



The customer view


“Imaging technology from NCR provides greater operational efficiencies and more streamlined processing for our RDC cheque deposits”

 – Senior Vice President at GB  


NCR APTRA™ Passport for Mobile 



Want to give your customers a fast and convenient way to deposit checks while on the move?



Extend your remote deposit to even more customers 


NCR APTRA Passport is an enterprise hub for remote deposit capture (RDC) that delivers numerous, alternative ways for your customers to quickly and easily deposit checks. NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile is an RDC solution that allows your customers, business clients and consumers, to safely deposit checks using their mobile phone’s camera as a scanner. As consumer adoption of mobile technology continues to grow, meet your customer needs by giving them the ability to choose when and where they transact. This provides a cost-effective way for you to manage the check deposit process and helps you to improve customer relationships, increase loyalty and grow revenue.


  • Expand market reach and improve customer loyalty - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile extends your market reach by enabling your customers to deposit checks while on the move. This protects your customer base and encourages loyalty by providing consumers, who are not located near a branch or who might be picking up checks in multiple locations, with faster availability of funds and an alternative option for making check deposits.
  • Secure deposit from any location - As an alternative to a branch or ATM visit, your customers can capture and transmit check deposits securely with their mobile phone, eliminating the risk of losing paper checks. NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile offers unique advanced fraud features, such as cross channel duplicate detect, cross channel deposit limits, item level deposit limits and deposit information availability. For business clients, this provides an audit trail with real-time traceability for corporate headquarters or cash offices and employee accountability as it tracks multiple employee check deposits. 
  • Speed up deposit processing - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile speeds up deposit processing for business customers with a convenient way of depositing checks allowing for advanced preparation for end of day corporate deposits. The processing time needed to validate and balance items in your central or back office is reduced because data arrives into your system quicker and in a more complete format.
  • Increase branch productivity - Perfectly complementing your multichannel strategy, APTRA Passport for Mobile provides a cost-effective alternative method of check deposit without further investment in physical branches or ATMs. This increases branch productivity by allowing branch staff to focus on higher value sales and service activities. 
  • Maximize fee revenue and deposits - With both existing and new customers able to make check deposits remotely with their mobile phone, overall deposits will increase and you can generate revenue by charging a modest fee on a monthly or per-check basis.
  • Minimize cost - Business customers and consumers can reduce their branch visits by depositing checks via their mobile phone. And with check deposits being sent electronically, your pickup costs from either the ATM or branch are also significantly reduced. 
  • Brand image - By delivering an unprecedented, intuitive and streamlined process for remote deposit, you can optimize customer experience, which can only further enhance your brand image.
  • Outsource options - NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile is available as an in house or hosted solution. Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering means NCR APTRA Passport can be up-and-running quickly by letting NCR’s state-of-theart eCommerce Operations Center host and manage the technology for you. This solution is ideal for financial institutions that do not have the infrastructure, or the resources, to invest in creating and maintaining an in-house environment.



Key Features 


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Simple logical design
  • Smartphone compatible, such as iPhone and BlackBerry (2MP pixel+ camera)
  • Provides a streamlined process for business employees and consumer remote check deposits at initial point of check presentment