Merchant Acquirers

When it comes to paying for goods and services, customers have far greater choice than ever

before and whether payments are made on a mobile, on a tablet, from the internet, or in person,

customers expect the same great experience every time. NCR’s transaction processing and

payment solution is designed to enhance your competitiveness, control costs and meet the

challenges of today’s increasingly competitive market. Scalable, adaptable and flexible it enables

you to deliver a seamless payment acquiring service every time – regardless of the size of

transaction, the customer’s location, or the choice of payment type. It drives physical, mobile and

virtual POS devices, supports traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers as well as eCommerce sites. It

provides connectivity to incorporate services from fintechs as well as key functions like fraud

detection using NCR’s or other vendors’ products. It also provides you with a road map for

transitioning to an omni-channel transaction processing capability or payments hub, in which silos

between payment channels are completely broken down.