Make Open Banking Work

for Your Financial Institution


Using third parties, financial institutions can create new,

app-based services, expand existing products and quickly

respond to market innovations. Making open banking work,

however, takes a whole new way of thinking.



White Paper: Open Banking: The Art of the Possible

Download the white paper to learn more about open banking, what it looks like in the market, how to incorporate open APIs into your work flow, how you can get your financial institution ready for open banking, and more.

Trust Matters: Why Banks Are Well Placed to Benefit from Open Banking



The EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) could present a wide range of opportunities for banks to leverage their customers' trust.



Authentic from NCR is highly configurable and customizable, allowing you to connect to incorporate internal and external APIs. These APIs enable fantastic additional services to customers, both now and in the future.