Every Interaction Matters:

High Availability Is The

Only Way Forward


The functionality demands for payment systems have changed

dramatically. High Availablity is no longer enough — today,

financial intitutions also need flexibility to deploy on standard,

non-proprietary hardware to keep up.



Download the White Paper: High Availability Doesn't Stop at HP Nonstop

See why the ability to deploy on standard, non-proprietary hardware is crucial for financial institutions looking to compete, adapt and grow.

Availability And Beyond - Is It Time To Rethink Your Payment Systems?


Financial institutions face many challenges, from intensifying competition to an increasingly demanding customer base. However, it’s also a time of great opportunity in the industry, with the development of new technologies and solutions opening up fresh approaches for businesses to meet consumer needs.


Authentic from NCR achieves high availability without using proprietary hardware. Authentic is able to deliver over 99.999999% real world availability, and is trusted by some of the largest financial institutions around the globe.