Faster Payments for National Institutions


In today’s digitalized, fast-paced world, customers want faster payments services to match their

always-on consumer services. They want to know their funds can be transferred instantly, securely

and without fuss. Central infrastructure, whether provided by a central bank, a processor or some

other national organisation, needs the ability to process high volumes of transactions in a highly

available environment. With support for ISO 20022 message formats and the ability to orchestrate

the transaction processing for your specific scheme you will also require the potential to support

add on services such as batch submissions from corporates or notification to third parties on







Scalable solution able to handle high volumes so system can grow as transaction demand grows without impacting response times

Transaction orchestration feature allows you to define the steps for each transaction giving easy extension for new services or value added offers

Easy integration with other systems for settlement, fraud detection or other central services

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