ATM Check Imaging

APTRA Passport for ATM is part of a single, integrated and scalable platform

that allows retail banks to capture customer deposits at any ATM and NCR APTRA Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). As well, Passport's ATM software makes envelopes a thing of the past. When a customer deposits a check into

an image-enabled ATM, the check image and related data are electronically submitted to your back office, immediately ready for processing. By adding

NCR's ATM Image agent, check image deposits have a higher recognition

success rate reducing the need for staff intervention and impact to your customers such as requests for the original paper to finish processing. ATM Imaging allows your bank to begin verification of ATM deposits almost immediately improving your customer service, optimizing operational

efficiencies and helping you minimize risk. 








  • Increase fee revenues and deposits
  • Reduce empty envelope fraud
  • Decrease cost by eliminating paper including envelopes
  • Extend deposit deadlines

Product Summary







Financial institutions are constantly evolving their tactics to support their banking strategy. Deposits are a key area of focus, how best to interact with your customers, continue to improve your processes while reducing risk and lowering your transaction costs. There are many variables affecting profitability such as low margins and changing customer behavior and demands.


To address these challenges, FIs must continually look at their business models and figure out how they can successfully handle teller activity, branch and operational efficiency. Managing new technologies and launching new products and services to drive growth at the same time as balancing risk are challenges financial institutions face and need to address.





One software platform


The outlays for a check transaction start adding up from the moment a check is deposited by a client until it is cleared and settled into an account. With transportation, labor costs and multiple people involved along the way, paper payments are costly. Customers are demanding more choice to make deposits when and where they choose and using technology they are familiar with. NCR’s APTRA Passport can help you transform your financial institution and customer relationships while addressing the challenges of paper and expanding to lower cost digital channels.


NCR APTRA Passport is an omni-channel enterprise hub for remote deposit capture that delivers numerous, alternative ways for your customers to quickly and easily deposit checks. APTRA Passport is built upon a re-usable platform designed to support a multichannel strategy. It provides your customers with numerous, alternative ways to quickly and easily deposit checks—at the branch, at the ATM, online from corporate and small business locations, or on-the-go using mobile devices.


With one common platform, NCR gives your customers the ability to choose when and where they transact with you—using the channels and technology they prefer. No matter the deposit channel, APTRA Passport allows a balanced check deposit to be sent directly to your processing centres 24x7. By integrating multiple deposit points into an enterprise hub, APTRA Passport provides a snapshot of all deposits from one customer. Additionally, APTRA Passport:

• Automates the check transaction process, removing paper completely, resulting in vast cost savings

• Shares services across deposit channels which mitigates risk and fraud such as research, reporting, cross channel duplicate detection, cross channel limits and defined bank alerts for unusual deposit activity

• Easily scales to manage growing or shifting volumes of checks between retail, business or bank client channels





No envelope deposit automation


Transportation time and cost for ATM deposit envelopes filled with checks and cash is high. With ATM pickups potentially occurring multiple times daily to processing centers, the labor to open and process envelopes and potential empty envelope fraud, financial institutions have big opportunity to lower their costs. NCR APTRA Passport for ATM is part of a single, integrated and scalable platform that allows you to capture deposits at the ATM more efficiently. Using an image-enabled ATM, check images and related data are electronically submitted to your back office and are ready for processing straight away. Your processing centers can instantly begin verifying ATM deposits within minutes of your customer transaction at your ATM. Transmitting data up to the end of your business day helps you extend your deposit deadlines and improve your float.


Improved customer service


Your customers will enjoy depositing checks and cash at your ATMs and Interactive Teller machines when it suits them. They will receive a proof of deposit in the form of a printed receipt with an image of the checks and a breakdown of any cash deposited. The receipt gives your customers reassurance of the deposit and reinforces your brand while faster deposit times mean your customers can access their funds quicker than ever before.


Lower risk and costs


When you re-direct simple deposit functions like cash and check deposit to your image-enabled ATMs, your transaction processing can be real-time. Removing the need for envelopes when depositing cash and checks at the ATM means there is no possibility of empty envelope fraud and your risk review staff has access to items immediately allowing questionable items to be flagged for investigation prior to posting.


The cost of processing ATM transactions is lower compared to deposits done through the branch. The number of couriers send to an ATM weekly can be reduced. Paper and labor costs are reduced significantly by ending the need for envelopes, cash substitute documents and deposits slips. Processing images using CAR, LAR and OCR solutions automates the process reducing time for clearing and virtually eliminates manual errors. Additionally, branch staff are freed up to focus on other revenue generating services and can spend more quality time with your customers.





Boosting image quality


Check styles, challenging check backgrounds, gel pens and light printing cause checks to be “washed out” during imaging resulting in missing elements required for image clearing. Incorporating Passport’s Web Client software technology used for check scanners, APTRA Passport for ATM image agent improves the quality of the ATM check image captured. Exception items are dramatically reduced helping to further automate checks and money order processing through your back office. Acting as a liaison between the native ATM software and the back office, the ATM Image Agent resides on all deposit enabled ATMs in your network handling the BMP to TIFF conversion for all check images as well as transmitting other files from the ATM. Additionally, transcoding the raw grayscale images into binary to send downstream minimizes the transmission bandwidth requirements and latency.


Guaranteed delivery


With communication monitoring to ensure the connection between the Passport for ATM image agent and Transaction Gateway is ok, safe delivery of the data and images of the deposit transaction from the ATM to your processing center can be assured.




The agent is easily deployable using standard software distribution packages. It can be down loaded as part of a regular software download or via CD.





Managing multi-channel transactions


Your I.T. and Operations organizations encounter many ongoing challenges when trying to manage technology: uncontrollable number of new applications, faster obsolescence, and increasing cost of ownership. There are too many systems, applications or unstable existing platforms that are hard to support and on their way to becoming unsupportable.

NCR Transaction Gateway (TG) is the next generation of consolidation services that will support your RDC processing needs. Here’s what it provides:

  • True multi-channel platform, easily extendable for expanding remote deposit capture channels
  • Greater visibility and control with automated workflow and advanced management tools
  • Better processing efficiency for additional volumes


As a single entry point and leveraging a Service Oriented Architecture, you can securely collect and organize all your RDC deposits for easy integration into your processing center.


With the TG’s new Management Console, you have better control and monitoring capabilities for your incoming item processing workflows. This allows you to better align your staff to optimize processing of items as required.


NCR Transaction Gateway can address your challenges with solutions that optimize your RDC channels:


Data center ready

  • Web-based services that provide modern tools for performance tuning as volumes and channels evolve
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable, based on the same instance and requiring less hardware
  • Current technology stack better aligns with I.T. standards and results in less waivers and reduced chargebacks



  • With a common database, there is less duplication of data resulting in better transaction integrity and easier recovery if required
  • Single entry point to securely collect and organize all your RDC channel deposits for easy integration into your operations
  • Automates tasks, many done natively, reducing issues when processing items


Less cost and risk

  • Fewer database servers with simplified load balancing reduces component risk and support costs
  • Easier information retrieval with earlier availability for review of risky items
  • Reduces system maintenance and resource costs




Original binary image


Enhanced Passport Web Client SW

imaging technology

Product Summary


NCR APTRA™ PASSPORT FOR ATM - Part of NCR’s enterprise hub for remote deposit capture




The simple way to improve your deposit process


NCR APTRA Passport is an omni-channel enterprise hub for remote deposit capture that delivers numerous, alternative ways for your customers to quickly and easily deposit checks. NCR APTRA Passport for ATM is part of this single, integrated and scalable platform that allows you to capture deposits from customers at the ATM.


NCR APTRA Passport for ATM makes envelopes a thing of the past. Here is how:


  • Your customer deposits a check into your image-enabled ATM
  • The check image and related data are electronically submitted to your back office and are ready for processing straight away
  • Your back office can instantly begin verification of ATM deposits within minutes of your customer depositing the check into your ATM
  • Image and check data is transmitted to your back office right up to the end of the business day, so you can extend your deposit deadlines and improve your float


In just a couple of minutes you can improve the level of service you offer your customers, increase your operational efficiency and reduce the risk of fraudulent deposits that cost you time and money.



Improved customer service


Your customers will enjoy the convenience and speed of depositing checks and cash at your ATMs and Interactive Teller machines with out of branch hours. Not only can they access these banking services when it suits them they are also given proof of deposit. This comes in the form of a printed receipt with an image of the checks and a breakdown of any cash deposited. The receipt gives your customers reassurance and ensures your brand credibility, while faster deposit times mean your customers can access their funds quicker than ever before.


When you re-direct simple deposit functions like cash and check deposit to the ATM, your branch staff are freed up to focus on other revenue generating services and can spend more quality time with your customers.



Reduce the risk of fraud and lower costs at the same time


NCR APTRA Passport for ATM reduces your risk of fraud by:


  • Removing the need for envelopes when depositing cash and checks at the ATM
  • Processing deposit transactions in real-time


This means there is no possibility for empty-envelope fraud. It also enables your back-office risk-review personnel to have access to items immediately, which allows them to flag questionable transactions for investigation prior to posting.


NCR APTRA Passport for ATM reduces your costs by:

  • Minimizing the number of armoured courier pickups
  • Single transaction costs and paper costs are reduced significantly by ending the need for envelopes, cash substitute documents and deposit slips
  • Saving significant operational costs by processing captured images using CAR, LAR and OCR solutions, reducing back-office processing time and virtually eliminating errors



The benefits of APTRA Passport across all your RDC channels


Fraud management


A distinct advantage of an enterprise hub is that all deposits from one customer, regardless of the channel they use, can be viewed and reported on. This integration enables fraud management such as cross channel duplicate detect, preventing customers from duplicating deposits. Combined with user based cross channel limits and defined bank alerts for unusual deposit activity, APTRA Passport provides a cost-effective and efficient way for banks to control risk.


Improved research


Using a web-based query tool, NCR APTRA Passport for ATM enables quicker research of captured items and images before they become available on the enterprise archive. As an omnichannel hub, APTRA Passport provides integrated management across multiple channels for reports and research, ensuring all deposits made by the same customer via any RDC channel you offer can also be viewed and reported on.


Maximizes efficiencies across your enterprise


NCR Transaction Gateway manages the flow of data and images from all your APTRA Passport remote capture streams. It groups transaction information, checks images and data for better efficiency in processing and sends it to your central operation or service provider, helping you to better manage your per-unit costs.



Let us be your host


NCR’s Cloud Services provides an outsourced option for NCR APTRA Passport for ATM. Available as an outsourced (SaaS) service offering, NCR hosts and manages the technology for you in our state-of-the-art  Commerce Operations Center.


This solution is ideal for financial institutions that do not have the infrastructure or the resources to invest in creating and maintaining an in-house environment. Let us do it all for you instead.