ATM Acquiring

Your ATM network is the face of your organization, and the point at which many of your customers most frequently interact with your organization. You need the flexbility to acquire transactions from any device, whatever the manufacturer, and connect to any switch or network. With the ability to configure your specific transaction set and the possibility to extend the system to handle services from any channel.


  • Multi-institutional, mult-currency, multi-language and multi-channel support
  • ATM and POS support for all major devices 3)Off-the-shelf card scheme support
  • PCI PA-DSS certification
  • Compliance with EMV standards including contactless and NFC
  • Transparent and re-configurable business logic
  • Real-time risk managmeent rules
  • Easy configuration for new network and host interfaces
  • Scalability - from small gateway systems to global networks
  • 24 x 7, 99.9999% resilience 1Benchmarked to over 10,000 transactions per second
  • Make balance enquiries and see mini statements
  • Request full statements, new check-books and other bank services
  • Pay bills and arrange fund transfers between accounts
  • Change or re-set their chip-card PIN
  • Unblock chip-enabled cards
  • Make top-up payment to mobile phone accounts
  • Deposit checks and use check imaging
  • Choose their preferred on-screen language