Acquiring and POS management

Merchant acquirer’s margins are being squeezed as regulatory pressures keep fees low. So you are looking for technology that delivers a streamlined payments processing system covering all in store payment options whether contactor contactless or using magnetic stripe, EMV or QR code. And you will be growing your business into new markets so will be looking for off the shelf support for terminal formats such as UK standard 70, SPDH, Hypercom as well as the new Nexo ISO 20022 formats. As you partner with Fintechs to offer new services such as paying utility bills the system needs to be extensible to handle new offers while handling different requirements across each geography.

Support range of POS devices and message formats

Making confusion simple

Mapping technology allows the quick creation and management of connections to internal and external systems with off the shelf definitions for many card schemes

Easy Integration

Fraud detection solution available specifically geared to merchant fraud

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You can also deploy Authentic as a driver for physical, mobile or virtual point-of-sale devices. Authentic enables you to easily manage and configure physical POS networks, mobile POS devices and other forms of virtual POS terminal. You can add new merchants and their associated terminal sub-networks and make any merchant-specific configurations quickly and easily. Authentic can also handle the wide range of mobile devices and message formats used by various types of mobile POS. It acquires payment transactions from these devices and then forwards the payment transactions for authorization in a standard format.

Authentic can also be deployed as a payment gateway in a merchant environment. It enables merchants to accept and route payments, and segment card products according to their preferred criteria.

You can also enhance or replace your legacy switches with Authentic. By accepting new payments devices and channels during the migration process, Authentic helps you to manage low-risk, progressive migration from legacy applications. Thanks to its Message Mapper component, Authentic can also transform payments messages between multiple formats helping you to integrate different services, including international card schemes or new web service based payment interfaces.

Authentic also enables you to integrate your acquiring and issuing business on the same system, to create an efficient and rationalised end-to-end payments environment.

To find out more about how Vodat is using Authentic to manage its acquiring business, download the case study