Modernizing the Banking Experience


Modernizing the Banking Experience

Retail banks, merchant acquirers, and national institutions are facing unprecedented change and opportunities with the rise of digital technologies. 


Consumer and business expectations are rapidly evolving for the financial services sector. Both want the convenience and seamlessness that they get from their mobile devices and online transactions for all their banking and financial services. Digitizing services and moving towards digital payment and processing is more essential than ever for consumer retention and satisfaction. At the same time, financial institutions are facing rising costs of running legacy systems and competitive pressure from new and upcoming players. To meet these challenges, successful institutions are consolidating their siloed systems to offer the real-time omni-channel experience demanded by customers.


Payment products are moving from cash and checks to contactless-enabled-cards and P2P payments, and real-time payments and financial institutions must pivot quickly to accommodate these changes. Financial services institutions must update systems, processes and strategy to interact digitally with customers (both consumers and businesses) in fast, personalized, and intuitive ways.


NCR’s Payment and Transaction Processing Solutions allow your organization to improve efficiency without losing the ability to support the next challenge. We understand that different financial service institutions have different requirements and needs, and our flexible and configurable solutions are designed to meet the needs of retail banks, merchant acquirers, and national institutions (central banks, clearing houses or national processors). We cover many areas from centralizing siloed services with omni-channel integration, and transaction routing & authentication from any device source or system, to digitizing check deposits and real-time banking and payments. 


The move to digital is essential for ensuring both consumer satisfaction and business success, and NCR understands the challenges financial institutions face when making the change. Making the move to digital will help improve operations with an easier and simpler platform, and facilitate new services and channels to improve efficiencies. By digitizing different services, financial service institutions can prepare for the future and deliver an exceptional customer experience that ensures consumer and business loyalty and trust. 


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