ATM Image


NCR ATM Image is part of a single, integrated and scalable platform that allows

Commercial Banks to capture customer deposits at the ATM. The ATM software makes

envelopes a thing of the past. When a customer deposits a check into an image-enabled

ATM, the check imaging and related data are electronically submitted to your back office,

immediately ready for processing. With NCR's ATM Image agent, check image deposits

have a higher recognition success rate reducing, the amount or need for staff

intervention, or impact to your customers such as requests for original paper to finish

processing.  ATM Image allows your bank to begin verification of ATM deposits within

minutes of the check imaging transaction while optimizing customer service, improving

operation efficiencies and managing risk. What are the benefits for the ATM software?


What are the benefits for ATM Image?


  • Improved customer experience at the ATM

  • Reduced 'empty envelop' fraud

  • Reduced costs removing paper including envelopes

  • Extended deposit deadlines