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Check and Image Processing

NCR is the leading provider of check processing, document imaging and scanning solutions designed to help banking institutions and corporations deliver innovative products and services in an ever-changing payments landscape. As part of the NCR CxBanking, Check and Image Processing contributes to your strategy by aligning with the key strategic areas of spend for banks: Branch Transformation, Digital Deposits, Back Office Engineering and Compliance, Fraud and Risk.

With over 80% of check deposits still done at the branch, banks are focused on image enabling the branch and driving deposits to less costly digital channels. With remote deposit capture of checks, the traditional back office processes are transforming to better manage thousands of new client engagement points for banks.

Whether a client chooses to make deposits using digital or physical channels; at the ATM, at a branch, merchant and corporate location, online or by mobile phone, Payment Imaging solutions will seamlessly capture, process, archive and exchange to clear the transaction providing a great customer experience. Our payments processing, document imaging and scanning solutions are built on a foundation of long-established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, integrated with a full range of high quality imaging transports, scanners, mobile phones and ATMs, and supported by global customer service.


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Did you know

Over 800,000 of the world's 3 million ATMs are NCR machines.