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Get ATM solutions that grow revenue, reduce cost, manage risk and enhance the customer experience. NCR enables financial institutions and independent ATM deployers to meet the self-service banking needs of consumers. We deliver high levels of availability, along with the ability to offer personalization or targeted marketing opportunities at the ATM.




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Cash Dispenser ATMs

The NCR SelfServ ATM delivers proven reliability. It remains the world's #1 ATM brand, with over 650,000 installed globally....


NCR ATM Case Studies


Wells Fargo NCR SelfServ Case Study


Wells Fargo worked with NCR to design and develop a new innovative ATM solution that allows them to offer more customer services in more locations. 


NCR Skimming Protection Solution Eliminates Card Skimming Losses Case Study


Read our case study about a bank that saw a complete elimination of card skimming attacks and a significant decrease in false alerts.


BNZ: An NCR SelfServ Case Study


Learn how NCR SmartServ reduced the downtime of BNZ's ATM network by a third. Service errors that can adversely impact a consumer's ATM transaction have fallen by 65 percent and first line maintenance call-outs have been reduced by 30 percent. 


Veridian Credit Union: An NCR Case Study


Learn how Veridian worked with NCR to explain the benefits of automated deposits to members. As a result, their customers quickly became comfortable with the process of depositing cash and checks via an ATM. 


NCR ATM Videos

Manage your Self-Service Banking Channels

NCR's Channel Management solutions support successful consumer experience strategies by ensuring your business is running at peak performance, through combined focus on device, transaction, and cash management.

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NCR SelfServ 80 Series ATM Family - A new era for ATMs

The NCR SelfServ 80 Series is a range of ATMs designed to reinvent self-service and enable financial institutions to grow revenue, reduce cost, manage risk and enhance the customer experience. These mobile ready and video enabled ATMs help deliver a new generation of omni-channel self-service experiences at the ATM.

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NCR SelfServ Select Edition Launch Video

Introducing the latest addition to NCR’s SelfServ range of ATMs - the Select Edition. Two new ATMs designed for consumers, and built for financial institutions and independent deployers. The SE Cash, an interior, freestanding, bank-grade cash dispenser, and the SE Recycle, an interior, freestanding cash recycling ATM. For more information, please visit:



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