CxMarketing turns the ATM into one of your most valuable marketing assets with modern advertising that unifies the physical and digital channels.


CxMarketing combines broad based advertising, targeted messaging, personal preferences and interactions. Financial Institutions can use their ATM network to deliver targeted messaging to existing customers based on their preferences and attract new customers with offers and promotions tailored by location or time of day.


CxMarketing’s built-in communication manager enables the reuse of marketing assets across all channels and ensures a single joined up consumer experience that maximises revenue opportunities by allowing FIs to control who they target, with the right messages, at the right time, every-time.







  • Personal loan
  • Debit card spend/upgrade
  • Credit card acquisition
  • Auto loan
  • General insurance
  • Electronic statements
  • Account acquisition
  • Business loans
  • Corporate communications
  • Birthday messages
  • Preferences tailored
  • One-to-one on-us marketing
  • One-way broad-based marketing
  • Two-way messaging interaction either based on choices, numeric input or combination
  • Content prioritization and testing
  • Location based, time based, display based, interaction based messaging
  • Feeds from your CRM system for campaigns / segments
  • Interaction feedback to your CRM system

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