SelfServ 84 Walk-up

The SelfServ 84 is a new premium exterior through the wall multi-function ATM from NCR. Designed for ease-of-use and delivering an exceptional consumer experience, the SelfServ 84 is capable of handling the highest possible transaction volumes. The ATM enables the omni-channel experience by delivering reliable and secure access to cash for consumers. Modernize and innovate with an ATM underpinned by NCR’s Media Handling 2.0 technology. The SelfServ 84’s human centered design enables financial institutions to drive a positive customer experience. It keeps serving your customers with a wide range of transactions like mixed cash and check deposit and bill payment. Created to handle the severest of weather conditions.

  • Infinity Display – Supports multi-touch. 15” or 19” LCD
  • Audio - Enhanced high quality dynamic (Public/Private)
  • Supports “Picture in Picture” security
  • Flexible dispense, deposit and recycling configurations
  • Integrated contactless card reader (via card or smartphone)
  • Cameras - 3rd party consumer and optional cash slot camera enable
  • Integrated “flush” Skimming Protection Solution (SPS)
  • Supports NCR CxBanking SW platform
  • PC Core with Intel i5 processor
  • Thermal Receipt/Journal Printer, options - Dual roll and 2ST
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)