SelfServ 34 Drive-up

The NCR SelfServ™ 34 drive-up ATM is an exterior through-the-wall drive-up machine

specifically designed for high transaction usage. It dispenses cash as well as offering a broad

range of other services, such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and mini-

statements. The perfect drive-up ATM gives you the widest range of upgrade options available,

including bulk and single cash and check deposit, check imaging and truncation as well as cash

recycling. It can even be extended to offer the largest cash dispense capacity on the market.

This fully weatherized drive-up ATM has been designed for ease-of-use and accessibility when

operated from a vehicle. This provides the best possible presentation of your brand and opens

up new deployment opportunities. Learn more about the new S2 Media Dispense Module

available for this unit.




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  • Display - 15” LCD, FDK or touchscreen, optional privacy filter, sunlight readable displays
  • S2 Media Dispense Module •Dual Dispense 2 x 4 (8 cassettes)
  • Intelligent Cash Deposit and Recycling. Options - Choice of Cash Acceptors and Recycler
  • Supports multi-currency deposit, remote download of templates
  • Intelligent Check Deposit – Scalable check deposit (up to 30 checks in a single bunch)
  • Scalable Deposit Module - 1 slot for cash and check deposit. Can handle check and cash as a separate transaction but also mixed media (SW dependent). Up to 2,000 notes and 1,600 checks capacity
  • Envelope Depository with optional dispenser
  • Coin Processing - Optional coin dispense
  • Receipt Printer - 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer
  • Full page thermal paper with document capture and 2ST