NCR’s Fractals solution can help you fight payments fraud in online, mobile and tablet banking with intelligent solutions to protect retail banks and their customers from loss caused by man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks, mule accounts and account takeover fraud.

Fractals helps you secure your digital banking channels without sacrificing the convenience that your customers demand. You’ll find the perfect balance between usability and risk, helping you to protect your customers while giving them a great experience every time.

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  • Combine the security strengths of an authentication server with the logic and accuracy of a fraud detection system
  • The flexibility of Fractals’ three engines for rules, machine-learning analytics and advanced profiling
  • Spot unusual behavior patterns on even the smallest data sets
  • The Fractals Intelligence Hub (FIH) enhances your profiling capabilities by bringing together contextual information in areas such as IP intelligence, device reputation, email and phone number intelligence and geo-location