Physical protection solutions

Brute force attacks and other physical attacks on ATMs are widespread, and as the types of attack change and the success rate is improving, cash losses associated with physical attacks are increasing. NCR can help you stop them now.







  • CEN Safes – Achieve cost-effective superiority with the NCR CEN 1 Safe, a direct response to today’s threats and designed to combat thermal (oxy-acetylene) and grinding attacks
  • Gas and EX Safes – NCR offers incremental options for Gas (GAS) and Solid Explosive (EX) resistance to its high security safe offerings
  • Ink Staining – “Spoils the prize” by releasing permanent ink on the bank notes installed in the cartridges of the ATM
  • Gas Detect – Protects against gas initiated explosions
  • Plinths / Anchoring – Provide additional physical security to the ATM to prevent against RAM raids and other attempts to remove the ATM
  • GPS – Monitor the location of an ATM should it be removed from the installed site

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