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Faster Payments

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want to transfer money instantly, securely and easily.  As Faster Payments services – or real-time transactions – are implemented around the world, banks need transaction services that can handle customers’ requests in real time.

Financial institutions are turning to NCR for help.

NCR makes faster payments and real-time transaction orchestration a reality. Our experience in the card transaction world makes NCR’s Faster Payments solution ideal to handle the fast response times and high-volume, lower-value transactions that are typical of faster payment transactions.

Our solution enables customers or bank personnel to send balanced check deposits directly to the bank’s processing centers 24x7 to manage check deposits more efficiently.  We provide numerous ways to easily deposit checks—at the branch, ATM, online, at business locations, and on-the-go using mobile devices.

Fractals, NCR’s machine-learning fraud detection solution, helps you secure payments in-flight – exactly what you need in a faster payments environment.

Retail Banks

Faster payments for retail banks

For retail banks, NCR’s Faster Payments solution acts as your gateway service, interfacing with your central infrastructure and enabling a single point of focus for your bank. It was built to be highly configurable and highly interoperable: it can be tightly integrated with other internal systems such as your internet banking, branch and other transaction initiation systems. It also connects to your core banking and other systems to post incoming transactions. Crucially it integrates with your fraud detection and prevention solution, whether Fractals from NCR or any other solutions, to protect you and your customers in the face of immediate value transfer.

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Central Banks & Clearing House

Faster payments for central banks and clearing houses

When it is acting as the central infrastructure, NCR’s Faster Payments solution accepts transactions from participating members and routes them to the appropriate destination bank, as well as providing settlement services. It can incorporate into the transaction processing a link to your chosen fraud detection product, whether that’s Fractals from NCR or another provider. The solution is being used by Early Warning Systems to build a bank-to-bank good funds network supporting faster availability of funds.

Find out more about some of our current NCR solutions for remote deposit capture, transaction processing and fraud detection.

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection for Faster Payments

Fractals helps you tackle Faster Payments fraud in real-time, in-flight, providing the highest possible levels of fraud detection while keeping your customer’s experience frictionless.

Fractals’ distinctive combination of machine-learning analytics, complete user control over fraud rules and profiles, risk-based authentication, and the ability of the Fraud Integration Hub to enrich your fraud detection activity with specialist intelligence in real time, provides exceptionally high levels of fraud detection as well as low rates of false positives.

Fractals combines the power of intelligent, machine-learning analytics, a highly configurable profiling, and a rules engine to put you in charge of your fraud prevention and detection operations.

Find out more about some of our current NCR solutions for remote deposit capture, transaction processing and fraud detection.


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Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.