Preventing and detecting fraud in card acquiring


A single solution to protect merchants from stolen and counterfeit card fraud, and secure acquirers against transaction batch and credit abuse by merchants  


Using Fractals, NCR is helping to protect card acquiring businesses and their merchants from fraud in today's complex, global retail environment. Fractals helps create a secure and trusted end-to-end payment process, that gives assurance to consumers and enables acquiring businesses to develop safely.


With EMV adoption placing liability for fraud losses on to merchants and their acquirers, Fractals helps protect you against fraud losses from the use of lost, stolen or counterfeit cards. It prevents and detects fraudulent use of debit, credit, prepaid and loyalty cards as well as contactless cards and other contactless payment devices.


Fractals offers in-flight, real-time risk decisions to stop fraud in its tracks. It provides immediate feedback on the reasons for blocking a transaction to give acquirers, payment service providers and processors greater insight into the fraud environment. Fractals also offers an essential tool to research and manage data breaches, significantly reducing the reputational and financial damage such breaches can cause.


To find out more about the impact of EMV on contactless and mobile payment types, download our white paper


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