Countering fraud in eCommerce

Sophisticated profiling and analysis to protect online retailers from card-not-present fraud, stolen payment instruments and fake accounts

 As the volume and value of eCommerce increases, Fractals from NCR helps you to protect your online channel from existing and emerging fraud types, minimizing the impact on your legitimate customers, while preventing fraud from damaging your business.

As fraudulent face-to-face transactions become harder to carry out, fraudsters are targeting the online environment. Fractals offers a powerful combination of user-defined rules, intelligent machine-learning analytics, and profiling to help protect your eCommerce operations and your customers against the use of stolen or counterfeit cards, faked account details and other forms of eCommerce fraud.

Fractals delivers exceptional fraud detection and prevention results by profiling and analyzing typical customer behavior – including shopping basket profiling – and identifying unusual activity. To enhance your profiling capabilities, the Fractals Intelligence Hub (FIH) brings together contextual information from a wide variety of external sources. It supplements the typically limited set of transaction data used for making decisions, by collecting and enriching the transaction with data from specialist third-party partners in areas such as IP intelligence, device reputation, email and phone number intelligence and geo-location data.


In Depth

With the FIH acting as your central intelligence hub, you benefit from the experience of global networks of intelligence, and gain a much more accurate picture of your customers to help you identify the fraudsters among your genuine consumers.

Fractals can provide in-flight, real-time fraud prevention to stop fraud in its tracks and to minimize losses. Its advanced profiling, machine-learning analytics and user-defined rules enable you to detect and develop policies against new types of fraud as they emerge, helping to prevent them spreading further. When fraud occurs, Fractals provides immediate feedback on the reasons for blocking a transaction to give you greater insight into the fraud environment. Fractals also offers an essential tool to research and manage data breaches, significantly reducing the reputational and financial damage such breaches can cause.

Fractals and the FIH are also available to PSPs as a white-labeled service, providing an opportunity to enhance the value to customers with advanced fraud prevention and detection services. PSPs can use the multi-tenancy abilities of Fractals to offer bespoke fraud services to their merchants, giving each merchant full and secure access to their own part of the Fractals system. By adding value and benefit to your service to merchants, Fractals helps you create a richer relationship and competitive offering.




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