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Fraud Solutions for Merchant Acquirers and PSPs

With the global rollout of EMV, and specifically the adoption of Chip and PIN, the liability for fraud losses is shifting to merchants and acquirers. The anonymity and immediacy of ecommerce also presents criminals with plenty of opportunities for fraud. To protect your business and provide your genuine customers with a seamless retail experience, NCR Fractals detection and prevention solutions enable you to distinguish between legitimate consumers and determined fraudsters.

From stolen card fraud, to purchase profiling, or merchant credit abuse, Fractals from NCR gives merchants, acquirers and PSPs a central intelligence hub that brings together data from a wide variety of sources. It equips you with sophisticated customer profiling and analytical capabilities to help you to identify potential fraud and prevent it from damaging your customers’ experience, your reputation and your bottom line.

Preventing and detecting fraud in card acquiring

Preventing and detecting fraud in card acquiring

A single solution to protect merchants from stolen and counterfeit card fraud, and secure acquirers against transaction batch and credit abuse by merchants  

Using Fractals, NCR is helping to protect card acquiring businesses and their merchants from fraud in...

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Countering fraud in eCommerce

Countering fraud in eCommerce

Sophisticated profiling and analysis to protect online retailers from card-not-present fraud, stolen payment instruments and fake accounts

 As the volume and value of eCommerce increases,...

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NCR Announces First Quarter 2017 Results

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) reported financial results today for the three months ended March 31, 2017


Do you need a new approach to ATM user experience?

The ATM is one of the most dependable and familiar ways for customers to interact with their bank. The first ATM was installed way back in 1967 and now after 50 years, consumers are very comfortable using the traditional ATM and continue to rely on it for quick, convenient and easy access to cash.

Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.