Detecting and prevention of enterprise fraud

Fractals from NCR is an intelligent, PA-DSS compliant fraud detection and prevention solution for issuers, acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and merchants. Whatever the nature of your business, you can use Fractals to protect your customers and your business with a single solution.

With Fractals you can protect transactions across any channel: from ATMs and POS devices, to online, mobile and tablet-based payments. It tackles any type of transactional fraud, giving you protection against established, developing and emerging fraud types. Fractals gives you multi-organization, multi-hierarchy, multi-channel, and multi-currency fraud prevention and detection. When integrated with your payment engine, it provides accurate, real-time, in-flight, blocking of fraud early in the payment cycle to stop fraud in its tracks, minimize losses, and give your customers a seamless experience.

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Profiles, Rules and Models

Fractals combines the power of intelligent, machine-learning analytics, a highly configurable profiling, and a rules engine to put you in charge of your fraud prevention and detection operations.

Machine-learning fraud analytics deliver an exceptional detection rate, reduced false positive ratio and a high rate of fraud detection on the first fraud in a run. The models are custom-calibrated using our proprietary inference techniques, based on Bayesian mathematics, and then adapt to reflect changes in fraud patterns as transactions are marked as fraudulent. Combined with Fractals’ in-flight fraud blocking capabilities, our machine-learning models deliver significant fraud savings.

In addition, Fractals’ flexible design and distributed, browser-based interface gives your analysts the power to adjust and adapt rules, parameters and policies quickly and easily. Multi-level rules are also available. They act on the outcome of other rules, transaction data and model scores to produce actionable authorization decisions. Fractals helps you make the most of your fraud analysts’ experience and knowledge, enabling you to adapt to the changing fraud environment and address the fraud types that threaten your individual business.

NCR offers fraud consultancy services to ensure the Fractals system is tuned to consistently achieve the highest possible fraud detection rate.

Fractals Intelligence Hub

For retail banks, payment service providers, independent sales organizations, online merchants and card acquirers, Fractals is complemented by the Fractals Intelligence Hub (FIH).

An on-premise central intelligence hub, the FIH easily integrates with your existing internal systems, as well as external data services. The FIH enables you to set up fraud detection rules based on data from a variety of sources, such as IP intelligence and device reputation. By using the FIH you gain a richer data set to assess a transaction for risk.

With the FIH, Fractals offers a highly configurable alert and case-management capability, as well as a centralized transaction data warehouse for data mining and general research.

Implementation and Integration

Fractals can be integrated with any web gateway, platform or payment engine for real-time decisions. It also offers out-of-the-box, real-time, in-flight integration with the Authentic payment engine from NCR.

To ensure easy integration with all internal systems and external data feeds, including in-flight fraud blocking, Fractals takes advantage of our integration technology, Message Mapper. Message Mapper allows rapid configuration of interfaces between systems - usually without programming or re-coding your systems – minimizing the time needed to protect your business and your customers.