Protecting the enterprise - the omni-channel way


Looking to the future of enterprise fraud detection and prevention by protecting your business and your customers against account takeovers and first-party fraud.


Fractals from NCR gives you multi-channel protection from a single solution today, and the foundation for omni-channel protection in the future.


As a multi-channel solution, Fractals enables you to protect all your customers accounts regardless of their chosen payment types. From debit and credit cards to mobile and contactless payments, Fractals offers extremely high levels of fraud detection, exceptionally low false positive rations and a great customer experience every time.


The Fractals Intelligence Hub (FIH) also gives you the ability to bring in external data such as device reputation, IP intelligence and mobile geolocation from third-party intelligence specialists. As a result, you can assess every transaction against enhanced, enriched profiles to quickly and easily distinguish between legitimate customer behavior and the unusual patterns that are the hallmark of both human fraudsters and computer malware.


Deploying Fractals also gives you the essential foundation to move to a omni-channel fraud prevention solution over time. The aim is to move to a situation where you have a single view of each customer across all accounts, all channels and all activity for profiling and analysis. By implementing a solution that provides this broad but detailed portrait of your customers, you can also protect your business against first-party fraud and other threat types associated with synthetic ID and account take-over.


The goal is a complete multi-layered enterprise fraud solution for your customer’s peace of mind, and a boost to your bottom line thanks to even greater reductions in fraud losses.