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Multi-channel fraud protection for card issuers

Flexible solutions for fighting against card-not-present fraud and counterfeit card use, managing data breaches and protecting cross-border transactions.

Fractals from NCR is one of the most powerful fraud detection and prevention solutions available, designed to help you protect all your customers’ accounts in a fast-changing fraud environment.

At NCR, we have placed a premium on responsiveness and flexibility. Fractals enables you to react immediately to the new threats and fraud types that are continuously emerging.

Using Fractals, you can protect all accounts, all card and payment types, and all payment channels. As adoption of the EMV standard re-focuses fraudster activity, it protects card-not present (CNP) and cross-border payments while continuing to minimize losses from counterfeit or stolen cards used in face-to-face transactions. It blocks fraudulent transactions in flight and in real time so that you can stop fraud early in the cycle to minimize losses and enhance the customer experience. Fractals also offers an essential tool to research and manage data breaches, significantly reducing the reputational and financial damage such breaches can cause.

In Depth

To give you the adaptable, agile fraud prevention solution you need, Fractals is built on a combination of intelligent, machine-learning analytics and user-specified rules. It is designed so that you can set up and validate your chosen rules in seconds. With Fractals, you can also set up multi-level rules, adapt your existing risk policies, and implement new policies as and when you need to.

Fractals combination of Bayesian statistical techniques and proprietary inference techniques process every incoming transaction and score it for fraud. It makes the reason for each fraud score immediately transparent to your fraud analysts, shortening investigation time and enhancing your understanding of the fraud threats your organization and your customers face.

Card issuers that use NCR?s Fractals, including our proprietary machine-learning strategies, regularly experience detection rates of more than 85 percent.

To find out more about how EMV is changing fraud prevention and detection, download our




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