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Countering check and deposit fraud

Solutions that identify suspicious behavior linked to account takeover and first-party fraud through the use of ID theft and synthetic IDs, and prevents funds availability manipulation and abuse of remote deposit capture.

NCR offers a number of solutions to protect you and your customers from check or deposit fraud. As technologies evolve to bring checks into both the faster payments and mobile space, solutions like Fractals help you respond to the resulting changes to fraud attacks.

The flexibility of Fractals’ three engines for rules, machine-learning analytics and advanced profiling enables it to spot unusual behavior patterns on even the smallest data sets. In addition, the Fractals Intelligence Hub (FIH) enhances your profiling capabilities by bringing together contextual information from a wide variety of external sources in areas such as IP intelligence, device reputation, email and phone number intelligence and geo-location data.

With the FIH acting as your central intelligence hub, you benefit from the experience of global networks of intelligence, and gain a much more accurate picture of your customers to help you identify the fraudsters among your genuine consumers. This profiling technique allows you to identify the use of synthetic IDs to create mule accounts, commit first-party fraud or manipulate funds availability to gain access to credit.

With Fractals in place, you can set the criteria for your legitimate customers’ normal profile and decide what activity should trigger increased or decreased authentication or funds availability. When high-risk authentication is not available, you can decide whether to allow access to funds or to implement restrictions.

In addition, NCR offers APTRA Passport, an enterprise hub for remote deposit capture that enables your business customers and consumers to deposit checks via multiple channels directly to back-office processing centers. In addition to reducing costs and helping to grow revenue, remote deposit capture minimizes the risk of fraud and enhances customer service. APTRA Signature Verification System (SVS) also enhances your image-enabled check image processing by streamlining signature authentication, giving you a faster, more accurate and cost-effective method to verify signatures and other elements on the check to further help mitigate the risk of fraudulent checks being cashed.


NCR Announces First Quarter 2017 Results

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) reported financial results today for the three months ended March 31, 2017


Do you need a new approach to ATM user experience?

The ATM is one of the most dependable and familiar ways for customers to interact with their bank. The first ATM was installed way back in 1967 and now after 50 years, consumers are very comfortable using the traditional ATM and continue to rely on it for quick, convenient and easy access to cash.

Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.