Enterprise Fraud in Retail Banking

Staying ahead of fraud is a never-ending battle. With an increasing number of channels into retail banks, and customers demanding more innovative technologies to access their accounts, retail banks are fighting fraud on a greater number of fronts than ever before. To protect your business and your customers from continuously changing fraud threats, you need a fraud detection and prevention solution that offers flexibility, responsiveness, scalability and adaptability without sacrificing accuracy.


Fractals – the enterprise fraud protection solution from NCR – delivers exceptionally high detection rates with incredibly low false-positive ratios. Fractals offers protection against traditional card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) frauds, payment fraud committed through online, wire, or person-to-person transactions, and identity fraud based on the use of synthetic IDs. With Fractals you can secure your business and ensure your customers have a safe, seamless banking experience every time.



Protecting the enterprise – the omni-channel way

Looking to the future of enterprise fraud detection and prevention by protecting your business and your customers against account takeovers and first-party fraud.

Fractals from NCR gives you multi-channel protection from a single solution today, and the...

Countering check and deposit fraud

Solutions that identify suspicious behavior linked to account takeover and first-party fraud through the use of ID theft and synthetic IDs, and prevents funds availability manipulation and abuse of remote deposit capture.



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