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Empower consumers and small business customers with more choices in how they transfer money and make payments.



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Loan Payment Application



The Loan Payment Application is a differentiating, value-creating solution that helps grow financial institutions that have a large base of loan customers through Online Banking adoption and subsequent cross-sell.


The Loan Payment Application provides consumers with a simple way to pay their loans with external accounts, using ACH or a debit card. This solution will help you increase product share, especially with your loan-only customers, while decreasing collections and streamlining the collection process. Also, it will help you create an opportunity to encourage your loan-only customers to enroll in Online Banking where you may cross-sell additional financial products and services.



Financial Institution Benefits


  • Increase cash flow by reducing accounts receivables.
  • Engage loan-only consumers and encourage them to register for Online Banking.
  • Reduce collections and other related operational expenses.
  • Increase user satisfaction by providing a simple way to pay loans.
  • Fees are automatically collected by Digital Insight and deposited into the financial institution’s account.



End-user Benefits


  • Customers will be able to easily pay their loans from a deposit account at another financial institution.
  • Simple, self-service user interface available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Customers can choose their payment method by providing account information, or by providing a debit card.
  • Customers can set up future payments, reducing the overall time spent, and avoid unnecessary late-payment fees due to forgetting to make a payment.




  • Delivered through a hosted Create Your Own Page in Online Banking.
  • Schedule loan payments from external accounts or debit cards.

Bill Payment by FIS


Comprehensive payment functionality seamlessly integrated into your Digital Banking experience. Offer one-time, expedited and recurring payments, eBills and more – giving your customers full control and insight into their fi nancial picture.




Innovative Customer Experience

  • Sophisticated payment options, like expedited payments, automated payments and e-bills, offer your customers more flexibility and control over their finances.
  • Customer-friendly features designed specifi cally to drive adoption and active use.
  • Integration with Mobile Banking Apps delivers on-the-go convenience.*
  • Easy-to-understand payment velocity with electronic or check payments made to payees on a consistent basis.


Increase Revenue

  • Expedited payments provide fee revenue, while meeting customer demand.
  • Self-service options and Mobile Banking transactions reduce your support costs.


Position for the Future

  • Flexible services-based platform allows for delivery of expected functionality today with room to grow for future service innovations.
  • Ongoing enhancements to stay in step with your customers’ evolving payment needs.You stay fi rmly at the center of their fi nancial lives.
  • Turnkey marketing support, including targeted Bill Payment campaigns, are refreshed seasonally to ensure long-term growth.
  • Ability to quickly add new payment options and functionality enables you to proactively respond to market needs.


Bill Payment consumers own 16 percent more loan and deposit products accounts and have 45 percent higher balances than online non-Bill Payment consumers, generating $9,300 higher total balances.


As well, Bill Payment consumers access their financial information 27 percent more frequently than online non-Bill Payment consumers, providing an  additional opportunity to cross-sell.1


Online consumers at financial institutions that use Digital Insight digital banking services are 28 percent more likely to actively use Bill Pay than consumers at financial institutions that do not use Digital Insight services.2



1. Add a payee

2. Quick view of payees

3. Set up an e-bill

4. Scheduled payments

5. Recent payments




* Mobile Banking Apps are available as a separate solution.

1 Digital Insight, profi tability analysis results, 2012

2 Digital Insight vs. Prospect Study, February 2013

Manage payments from a single page.

Make a Payment from the Online Banking home page.

External Transfers


Provide an online money transfer solution that allows your Online Banking end users to conduct transfers between their accounts at various fi nancial institutions.


It’s a fast and easy way for end users to:

  • Add funds to checking accounts to cover bills.
  • Move money to savings accounts to meet financial goals.
  • Transfer funds easily to accounts held with other financial institutions.


Encourage your end users to make your website their preferred, online payment tool. With External Transfers, end users are empowered to enact automatic savings plans or other money movement needs in advance of major purchases.


Financial Institution Benefits


  • Enable fee-revenue generation by charging per transfer based on transfer type, amount or speed of transfer.
  • Extend your existing Online Banking channel to keep your end users returning to your website.
  • Reduce wire transfer and check processing costs.*
  • Enhance visibility into end-user transaction patterns via the Compass administrative tool.
  • Control end-user transfer limits and available transfer velocities by creating a default set of user permissions. Automatically upgrade transfer limits and velocities based on user performance.


End-user Benefits


  • Transfer funds online between various fi nancial institutions without visiting a branch or writing a check.
  • Set up automatically recurring transfers to plan for payment needs in advance.
  • Choose the speed of the transfer to meet transfer needs.




  • Money movement between accounts held at more than 23,000 financial institutions.
  • Comprehensive risk-management procedures.
  • Compass administrative tool to control and track all transfer and payment activity.
  • Flexible transaction settlement times and institution-to-user pricing capabilities.
  • Contextually integrated within the new Online Banking experience and accessed via secure SSO connection.
  • Optional security feature requires users to enter secondary PIN at time of transaction set up.
  • Communicates all inproduct activity to the end user by email.
  • Full access by fi nancial institutions to the Compass administrative tool, which provides detailed information on all users and transfer activity.
  • Financial institutions also have the ability to grant or remove functionality, increase limits to preset tolerances or suspend users.




*This product is not intended to replace the speed or security of wire transfers for high dollar transactions.

Mobile and Tablet Remote Deposit Capture



Give your customers the freedom to deposit checks anytime, anywhere using your Mobile and Tablet Banking Apps for Apple® and AndroidTM devices.



• Celent expects RDC to account for a third of retail bank deposits by year-end 2015 and half by 2016.1


• 57 percent of consumers that use mobile banking, use mobile remote deposit capture.2


• 8 in every 10 consumers are satisfied with mobile remote deposit capture.2


• 24 percent of highincome mobile bankers (>$100K) make, at least, five mobile deposits per month.2


• 43.93 percent of consumers would use mobile remote deposit capture if the feature were made available to them.3



Financial Institution Benefits


Expand Market Reach – Service more customers without geographic limitations. Deposits can be received even in areas where there are no branches.


Compete with Big Banks – Offer the same innovative technology as your larger competitors.


Simplify Deposits – Deepen your customer relationships with faster service and added convenience.


Reduce Costs – Reduce the administrative and paper costs associated with in-branch, mail and ATM deposits.



Customer Benefits


Enjoy the Convenience – Make deposits day or night, from virtually any location.


Save Time – Eliminate a trip to the branch or ATM. No more waiting for a deposit by mail to clear.


Expedite Funds – Receive immediate access to funds if deposit credit is available.


Deposit with Ease – Make quick, successful deposits using the intuitive user interface.



Financial Institution Features


Seamless Integration – Smooth unification with your existing Mobile Banking Apps.


Enhanced Security – Includes a Web-based administration tool that enables risk and funds-availability management, and offers customizable permission levels for risk and security.


Smart Transaction Protection – Safeguards transactions with extensive fraud-prevention algorithms and checks.


Mobile Reporting – Track mobile deposits and other actionable mobile banking data.



Customer Features


Instant Access – Provides one-click access within the Mobile Banking App and requires no additional downloads or installs.


Easy to Use – Simplifies deposits with an intuitive user experience that requires only a few taps and camera clicks.


Simple Transaction Management – Generates a transaction confirmation to easily track deposits.


Complete Deposit Security – Protects information with the same security as Online Banking and allows customers to keep their checks.



Drive Adoption and Active Use


Digital Insight has no-cost mobile marketing campaigns and tools including customizable, ready-to-launch assets, as well as communications we will launch on your behalf. Visit the Admin Platform or ask your relationship manager for more details.




1 Celent, State of Remote Deposit Capture 2015: Mobile Is the New Scanner, May 2015.

2 Javelin, Mobile Imaging: Creating an End-to-end Mobile Banking Experience, July 2015.

3 RateWatch, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments — What Consumers Value, April 2015.


Apple is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

CheckFree RXP


CheckFree RXP from Fiserv® creates a seamless financial management hub with a streamlined “single-view” user interface for end users to receive, view, and pay their bills – all from within your Online Banking offering.


Financial Institution Benefits


  • Improves online channel profitability.
  • Increases end-user retention by providing multiple ways to pay bills.
  • Supports and enhances your specific branding strategies across your online offering.
  • Proven stable and scalable systems.
  • Increases end-user self-service – reducing support costs for your financial institution.


End-user Benefits


  • Saves time and increases active use with “single view” functionality.
  • Configurable to allow users to add additional internal and external funding accounts.
  • Sign up for Bill Pay and access it for the first time within the same session.*




  • Comprehensive Payment Center Page – View e-bills, recent payments and pending payments all on a single page.
  • Payment Assistant – Provides recent payment history per payee, promotes e-bills and upsells recurring payments.
  • Advanced Payment Options – Schedule, modify and cancel one-time and recurring payments, make payments to multiple billers from one screen, and more.
  • Multiple Payment Methods (Funding Accounts) – Up to 99 funding accounts can be used.
  • Comprehensive Bill Management – Pay bills, see bill details, view new bill arrival and bill due alerts, and file bills paid via an alternate method.
  • Biller Management – Add, edit and delete billers, enable or disable electronic bills and more.
  • Email Notifications – Set text or HTML alerts for upcoming payments and bills.
  • Payment Fulfillment – Make electronic payments, direct payments to biller with Bill Pay partners and more.
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM) Interaction – Make and download payments through your personal financial management software.*
  • Enhanced Reporting – View bill history and sort by date, biller, amount and more. Track business-metric reporting and analysis through Client Connect.
  • Scraped Bills Technology – Electronic bill feeds directly from billers to provides increased reliability and better user experience over screen-scraped bills.


The number of online banking households is estimated to grow 2 percent per year through 2017, reaching 92 million households, or 87 percent of online households.1


Consumers at financial institutions that use Digital Insight digital banking services are 28 percent more likely to actively use Bill Paythan consumers at financial institutions that do not use Digital Insight services.2


Financial institutions that participate in Digital Insight campaigns achieve real results, such as a 58 percent lift in annual Bill Payment adoption.3



*Financial Institution must have auto-approval turned on.

1 2012 Online Banking And Bill-Payment Forecast from Javelin Strategy & Research, Pleasanton, CA

2 Digital Insight vs. Prospect Study, February 2013.

3 Average adoption rate for Bill Pay campaigns from August 2011 – July 2012; compared to financial institutions that did not participate in the campaigns. The adoption rate is the number of new Bill Pay users divided by the number of Online Banking users without Bill Pay expressed as a percentage. Fiserv is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. Other products referenced in this material may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.





Provide a digital, person-to-person payments solution that encourages end users to make your website or mobile app their preferred online payment destination.


Popmoney makes it simple for end users to:

  • Send money to others
  • Request money from others.
  • Make transfers using just an email address or mobile phone number.


End users can send and receive money directly from their primary accounts without ever needing to establish additional accounts outside of your financial institution.


The Request Money functionality allows end users to easily create individual and group payment requests. This utility includes a variety of payment-customization options, as well as reminder and tracking capabilities.



Financial Institution Benefits


Enable fee-revenue generation by charging per transfer based on transfer type, amount or speed of transfer.


Extend your existing Online Banking channel to keep your end users returning to your website.


Reduce wire transfer and check processing costs.*


Enhance visibility into end-user transaction patterns via the Compass administrative tool.


Control end-user transfer limits and available transfer velocities by creating a default set of user permissions. Automatically upgrade transfer limits and velocities based on user performance.



End-user Benefits


Send money to friends or family using just their email address, mobile phone number or account number. Funds are electronically deposited to the recipient’s account.


Set up automatically recurring transfers to plan for payment needs in advance.


Choose the speed of the transfer to meet transfer needs.





Comprehensive risk management procedures


Simplified registration makes it easier for your end users to try using mobile person-to-person payments.


Compass administrative tool helps control and track all transfer and payment activity.


Flexible transaction settlement times and financial institution-to-user pricing capabilities.


Full access by financial institutions to the Compass administrative tool, which provides detailed information on all users and transfer activity. Financial institutions also have the ability to grant or remove functionality, increase limits to preset tolerances or suspend users.


Contextually integrated within the new Online Banking experience and accessed via secure SSO connection.


Communicates all in-product activity to the end user by email




1 Mercator Advisory Group, P2P Payments: Financial Institution vs. Third-party Digital Solutions, February 2014.

2 RateWatch, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments — What Consumers Value, April 2015.

*This product is not intended to replace the speed or security of wire transfers for high dollar transactions. The Popmoney ® Personal Payments Service is provided by CheckFreePay Corporation and CheckFreePay Corporation of New York, each a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiserv, Inc.