Digital InsightTM  Solutions


NCR’s Digital InsightTM solutions provide retail and business banking solutions and services that give you the flexibility and control to engage more, increase retention and cross-sell effectively. Your customers will love the experience—and your revenue will reflect it. 


As more users turn to digital channels like mobile and online banking, it’s increasingly important for financial institutions to deliver friction-free, secure digital experiences. A strong digital channel boosts user engagement and encourages customer retention.


At NCR, we help you stay on the cutting edge of technology so you can provide the experiences that your customers want and need today—and in the future.

Increase Engagement

Highly engaged digital banking consumers access their financial information 27x per month. 

Increase Revenue

Engaged Digital Banking Consumers have 10% higher account ownership, are 44% more likely to have an open loan, and conduct 13 more monthly debit card transactions per month

Increase Wallet Share

Highly engaged digital banking consumers own, on average, 2.84 deposit/loan accounts, and 33% have an open loan with their primary financial institution. 

Lower Acquisition Costs

Highly engaged digital banking consumers stay with their primary FI longer ~ 96% annual retention rate

Retail Banking


Engage end users with instant access to superior mobile and online financial services. Our best-in-class solution delivers a richer banking experience that reflects your financial institution’s unique brand and makes your site the go-to financial hub for your customers.


Give your customers ultimate freedom with access to account balances, transfers, payments and more on their favorite devices, including wearables. 

Business Banking


Offer your customers a seamless, personalized experience in the office, on the road, or at the branch—all on the same platform as consumer banking. Our Business Banking Solutions are designed on the unique needs of businesses to empower you to compete and win business banking relationships with the right set of financial tools.


Our Digital Banking Platform, powered by a services-oriented architecture, gives you the control and flexibility to:

  • Deliver your customers a seamless and personalized banking experience that reflects your brand and strategies across all channels

  • Easily integrate third-party services and functionality, or Create Your Own, to exceed customers’ expectations and differentiate your financial institution

  • Leverage data-driven insights and analytics across your digital channels to provide segmented and highly efficient cross-sell offers and information that drives engagement and revenue 






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