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Vision Incident Management provides the most comprehensive self-service device management capabilities on the global market today, including robust automation, tracking and escalation. It provides critical incident details associated with the devices, along with a complete audit trail throughout the entire incident lifecycle.


With a complete end-to-end view of your network devices, Vision Incident Management gives you the information and data you need to take more intelligent, decisive actions in the right areas, at the right times.




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Improve profitability, reduce operational support costs and deliver an amazing customer experience with Vision Incident Management Solution.


ATM fault monitoring and management is one of the most critical services a retail banking support organization needs to get right. Device outages can be costly to the financial institution, highlighting the support team’s need for an efficient and effective way to respond and resolve these issues quickly. Any unplanned interruption may cause quality of service to decline, and therefore potentially impact customer happiness and loyalty. Successful incident management processes facilitate rapid and sometimes automated fault diagnosis and implements state of the art technology to restore normal operation as fast as possible, minimizing the impact on transaction volumes and the customer.


NCR Vision Incident Management sets itself apart from other incident management solutions as its main goal is not only the detection of the fault, but in tracking, automating the fix and providing granular data to help  identify the underlying cause(s) of an incident. Using historical tracking and detailed business intelligence reporting, Vision enables the support team by ensuring all details are recorded so they may be able to prevent the problem in the future.


NCR Vision Incident Management interprets the ATM status codes, manages the error messages and escalates them to the relevant service team, as well as enables commands to be sent directly to the ATMs. At the same time, increasing network availability and therefore reducing the associated servicing costs. 





NCR Vision is a comprehensive incident management solution that includes robust workflow automation, tracking and a full audit train of the incident life cycle. It provides unrivaled visibility into what is happening in your self-service network and helps you make significant advances in availability, customer experience, and business performance.



There are major benefits to be gained by implementing Vision Incident Management:


  • Exceptional customer experience — Using Vision Transaction to monitor the current volumes of ATM transactions being processed, financial institutions can proactively reduce the impact of incidents and offer additional services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty is the foundation of long term profitability, which makes the concept of customer satisfaction of utmost importance.
  • Cost maintenance and reduction — Transaction volumes are increasing as a result of more services being transitioned to the ATM. Automated fault detection and ticket management can allow the help desk to focus on more difficult issues, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing cost. Vision can also scale to support growing fleets and additional services so you only ever need one solution.
  • Unmatched Availability — Vision ensures that all incidents are logged and not forgotten by maintaining and tracking incident status. Improved fleet management, automated ticket resolution and detailed availability reports helps the team proactively identify incidents before they have an impact.





Combined Business and Operational Data Analysis - Vision provides a centralized point of access to all userbased functions and visibility into both operational data (availability, transaction counts) and business data you need to identify hidden relationships between differentperformance-influencing factors.


Multivendor Capability: Vision’s scope of support extends beyond the management of NCR ATMs to a diverse range of device types, vendors and network structures. It provides multi-vendor management of ATM’s based upon CEN XFS standards. Vision uses software agents to gather data from multiple vendors’ ATMs as well as branch devices and kiosks.



Manage your multi-channel banking network with a robust, future-proofed management solution that will simplify your ATM operations management and provide actionable end-to-end reporting.





Vision has an extensive automation capability that interrogates incoming device and transaction data per yourspecified performance objectives, that can create and manage incidents with minimal, manual help desk input. Incident dispatching, escalation, tracking and problem resolution—Vision provides the capabilities for end-to- end automation for solving ATM incidents.





The ability to correlate and analyze data enables the discovery of hidden relationships between different performance influencing factors, and helps expose the outlying cases that affect the consumer experience that normally would be lost in a conventional management system. Vision incorporates additional database analytics information that goes beyond the traditional ATM status information. It can correlate and compare traditional ATM information with other business information for a more precise performance picture.


When a problem occurs on the ATM network, it is automatically detected by Vision Incident Management, and a new service ticket is created. Vision makes an intelligent decision on how to respond to the ATM problem based on customized workflow rules, such as automatically creating and dispatching the ticket to the relevant service provider. If at any time the repair is not going as it should—for example, if the service team misses their scheduled time of arrival—then Vision will automatically escalate the ticket through the customer defined business escalation rules. Vision will log when the service team arrives on-site and is working to fix the problem. Once the ATM is back in service, the ticket is closed. Each step of the process is logged in detail and the audit trail allows the ATM Support Organization to produce the reporting necessary to make more intelligent decisions around future deployments and services.


Vision Management Solution allows you to run new devices and offer more services to enhance your consumers’ selfservice banking experiences. It’s not just about incident management—it’s about improving and transforming the way you serve your consumers.