Device Management


With the emergence of consumer experience as a major competitive differentiator for retail banks, careful measurement of your self-service channel optimization is more important than ever. Self-service devices have become the go-to solution for providing a more immediate and low cost channel for consumer service. With constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, self-service is a key area that requires careful management and analysis in order to maintain excellent consumer experience and drive increased revenues.

Cash Level Monitoring - Vision


Cash management and support teams use the data obtained from monitoring to show the network’s cash status in terms of which machines are consuming more cash at a faster rate than planned, which are about to go out of cash, what the status is of each cash cassette within the ATM, which deposit bins are full, etc.

Transaction Monitoring - Vision


Vision Transaction Monitoring is a critical tool for detecting abnormal transaction patterns for any device in question. Real-time alerts provide immediate notice to the help desk or support team, about failed transaction fault such as low cash, no connectivity, etc.

Cash and Transaction Balancing - Reconciliation


NCR Reconciliation performs comprehensive reconciliation of ATM transactions against the multiple activities that impact your ATM cash balance.

Incident Management – Vision


Vision provides comprehensive incident management capabilities including robust automation, tracking and a full audit trail of the incident life cycle.

Self-Service Device Management - Vision


NCR Vision is multi-vendor self-service ATM management system. System wide vision enables faster and more accurate decision making, leading to better timed and directed action.

Mobile Channel Management - Pulse Banking


Pulse Banking drives the benefit of faster response and resolution time, value to your consumers, value to your business.

Electronic Journal Management - Vision


NCR Vision ATM Software ensures efficiency, compliance and faster dispute resolution with Electronic Journal Management.

Software Distribution - Vision


NCR Vision ATM Distribution Software helps manage self-service software across your ATM network. Secure, reliable and fast way to distribute ATM application updates.

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