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Today’s consumers define convenience on their own terms. From preference of channel and device to where and when they choose to interact. Driving marketing communications across physical and digital channels presents both a unique challenge and a significant opportunity for banks.

NCR’s CxMarketing software makes the convergence of the physical and digital channels a reality.

Our software frees the marketing user from the constraints, complexity and limitations of the current channels. It enables the creation of rich, personalized and differentiated consumer experiences leveraging the latest consumer technologies.

With CxMarketing driving your marketing communications, you’ll target the right people, at the right time, in the right place with dynamic, relevant and engaging content. CxMarketing enables you to seamlessly create, manage, distribute and measure your communication strategy across ATM, mobile, web, email, electronic receipts, SMS, digital signage and kiosk.

Drive true channel transformation with increased revenue and a synchronized consumer experience using NCR’s CxMarketing Software.

CxMarketing Software Overview:

CxMarketing Functionality


  • Preferences
  • One-to-one on-us marketing
  • One-way broad-based marketing
  • Two-way messaging interaction either based on choices, numeric input or combination
  • Content prioritization and testing
  • Location based, time based, display based, interaction based messaging
  • Feeds from your CRM system for campaigns / segments
  • Interaction feedback to your CRM system
Examples of CxMarketing Campaigns
  • Personal loan
  • Debit card upgrade
  • Credit card acquisition
  • Auto loan
  • Time deposits
  • Alerts
  • General insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Electronic statement
  • Contact update
  • Credit card
  • Festival campaigns
  • Event triggers
  • Account acquisition
  • Debit card spend
  • Credit card limit enhancements
  • Business loans
  • Corporate communications
  • Birthday messages
  • Welcome messages
  • Language based
  • Investment leads
  • Insurance renewals


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Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.