NCR’s CxBanking software unlocks amazing consumer experiences across physical

and digital banking channels, underpinned by a resilient enterprise application platform that enables easy

integration with bank infrastructure. Our consumer facing applications, security, transaction

processing and fraud detection software deliver improved channel availability and revenue

growth with a step change in IT efficiency and operating costs. CxBanking is organized around

the key activities that happen within consumer facing digital and physical channels. It allows

banks to ‘engage’ and ‘transact’ with consumers as well as ‘manage’ that experience in a

comprehensive manner.






  • Interoperability - seamless connectivity to external web services
  • Multi-vendor world - compatibility with all your cen xfs hardware
  • Branch transformation - assisted services
  • Consumer experience - self-service with rich, graphical interface
  • Enterprise awareness & cash management
  • Security, fraud & compliance
  • CRM & e-commerce - personalization & marketing
  • Digital banking - mobile and tablet
  • Transaction processing - agility and flexibility across all channels

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