Channel Management

Optimize Your ATM Network

Channel Management

Optimize Your ATM Network

Gain valuable insights and manage the availability and performance of your financial institution’s self-service channel to deliver a superior customer experience. 


With the rise and focus on customer experiences as a major differentiator across all industries and sectors, financial institutions must consider the customer experience to remain competitive. Having an enterprise-wide performance awareness of your self-service network will help you increase availability, optimize cash replenishment, and improve the performance of your self-service network.


NCR’s Channel Management solutions allow you to take a holistic approach to managing your multi-channel banking environment and improve your self-service channel performance. Self-service devices have become the go-to solution for providing a more immediate and low-cost channel for customer service. With constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, self-service is a key area that requires careful management and analysis to maintain excellent customer experience and drive increased revenues. Maintaining cash optimization also ensures that your self-service delivery channels have the right amount of cash at the right time, so customer and business needs are always met. 


Financial institutions need a holistic channel management strategy to ensure cash optimization transaction completion and ATM high availability.. Our solutions help speed up problem isolation and enable self-healing on ATMs to reduce down time that affects business margins. Real-time transaction monitoring makes it easy to isolate failures anywhere along a transaction path. By analyzing profitability based upon card types, self-service locations and value-added services, financial institutions can maximize their investments and funnel efforts into efficiencies that improve margins. 


NCR’s Channel Management solutions support an amazing  experience and drives additional services that add value for the customer. Uncover opportunities that drive customer loyalty by improving the management of your self-service channels. 

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