OptiVault is a vault consolidation solution that optimizes currency and coin ordering and

clearing for bank money rooms and carrier vaults. OptiVault fully complements OptiCash. Like

OptiCash, OptiVault uses historical bank, ATM and commercial cash demand data to forecast

future currency needs.


OptiVault takes into account seasonal fluctuations, calendars, events, and many other trends

that influence demand for cash at the vault or money room. Business processes have been

simplified for Vault Managers through the link between the two solutions. Working in a tight

partnership, vault forecasting and optimization is facilitated through data aggregation received

the commercial bank’s demand.






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  • Optimize costs without sacrificing quality
  • Delivers a bank-wide or network-wide view of overall currency requirements, while taking changing trends and local variations into account
  • Enables the reduction of vault cash holdings to the most efficient level required to meet total demand
  • Reduces risk by assisting with the avoidance of cross-shipping penalties


The trademark “OPTIVAULT” and NCR logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.