Invoice Validation


Keeping control of invoices can be a tedious if not time consuming activity that absorbs endless resource hours. At times this activity can even be treated lightly due to time constraints and other more pressing functions which may lead to missed opportunities to synchronize payables due with actuals.


Invoice Validation is an automation tool that takes advantage of NCR Cash Management’s complete view of the supply chain. Through the use of sophisticated contract modelling, carrier supplied invoices are imported, compared and a new invoice resulting from any discrepancies is then generated to reflect accurate activity. This automated process generates “expected” invoices against those provided which are then used to validate by matching at the individual item level.


Invoice Validation component has been designed to differentiate between: “possible match”, “partial match”; and “potential missing or unknown” invoiced items. What typically may take several resources and hours of manual processing, one can now enjoy significant administrative savings not only staff resource re-allocation but also the visibility and accuracy to pay for actual activities rendered.


This module complements both OptiCash and OptiVault.






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