SelfServ SE Cash ATMs

The SelfServ SE Cash is an interior, small footprint cash dispenser, designed for consumers, and built for financial institutions and independent deployers. Customizable and easy to service, the SE Cash combines improved ATM performance with enhanced service benefits. With security “designed in”, the SE Cash provides an intuitive consumer experience, and is adaptable to its environment. Powered by NCR’s intuitive CxBanking software, that unlocks amazing consumer experiences across physical and digital banking channels, the SE Cash will enable FIs to easily connect consumers with cash.


*Please note that the SelfServ Select Edition ATM range is currently only available in an India only configuration




  • Intuitive 15" touchscreen—familiar experience for the digital first consumer
  • Replace rather than repair—simplified parts for enhanced first line maintenance and increased number of field replaceable units for quick repairs
  • Enhanced security features—hardware and software improvements to ensure the greatest level of security
  • Designed for performance—delivers improved uptime and enhanced serviceability, minimizing revisits from service engineers

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NCR SelfServTM SE Cash - 




Today’s ATM market brings new challenges for financial institutions, from increased consumer expectations, to ATM network security. However, one constant is consumer demand for cash which continues to increase year on year. With the introduction of new technologies, the ATM channel remains as relevant as ever in today’s omni-channel environment.


The SelfServ SE Cash has been designed to enhance the consumer experience, reduce costs and generate revenue. It does so by allowing you to: Connect with your customer, Perform better than ever before, all whilst increasing ATM Security.





  • Intuitive 15" touchscreen—familiar experience for the digital first consumer
  • Replace rather than repair—simplified parts for enhanced first line maintenance and increased number of field replaceable units for quick repairs
  • Enhanced security features—hardware and software improvements to ensure the greatest level of security
  • Designed for performance—delivers improved uptime and enhanced serviceability, minimizing revisits from service engineers






  • HEIGHT 48.9” (1,244mm)
  • WIDTH 19.2” (487mm)
  • DEPTH 34.0” (865mm)
  • WEIGHT 864lbs (392kg)



  • S1 Media Dispense Module
  • 2-4 cassettes (295mm)
  • Bunch presenter



  • Recessed EPP (PCI Compliant)
  • 15” LCD Multi-touch Screen
  • DIP Card Reader
  • Integrated Media Entry & Exit Indicators (MEEI)
  • Private Audio - sound jack



  • CEN I Safe
  • Enhanced Security Shutter
  • Privacy filter enabled display (optional)
  • Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) (optional)



  • Consumer Camera
  • Cash Slot Camera (optional)



  • 4" 203dpi graphics thermal printer



  • Front access only



  • Standard 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
  • Humidity 20% to 80%



  • Intel® i3 Processor
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • 4GB RAM



  • Windows® 7 / 10 Ready
  • APTRATM Advance NDC



  • Biometrics Ready




NCR SelfServ™ Select Edition SE Cash & SE Recycle ATMs - Product Summary



What are the NCR SelfServ SE Cash and SE Recycle?


The SE Cash and SE Recycle are the newest additions to the NCR SelfServ ATM Family. Coupling digitally inspired design with the option of cash dispense or cash recycling modules, the Select Edition has been designed for consumers, and built for financial institutions and independent deployers.





SelfServ SE Cash


The SelfServ SE Cash is an interior freestanding cash dispenser, with the following key features:

  • 15” Multi-touch Display
  • S1 or S2 Media Dispense Module
  • Windows® 7 / 10 Ready
  • DIP Card Reader
  • CEN I Safe
  • Biometrics Enabled


SelfServ SE Recycle


The SelfServ SE Recycle is an interior freestanding cash dispenser, with the following key features:

  • 15” Multi-touch Display
  • BRM Recycling Module
  • Windows® 7 / 10 Ready
  • DIP Card Reader
  • Recessed EPP (PCI Compliant)
  • Consumer, Cash & Pocket Camera





CONNECT - The SE Cash and SE Recycle give consumers an intuitive way to interact with financial institutions through convenient ATM interactions in high footfall locations.


PERFORM - Optimized to ensure that consumers need for cash is satisfied. Software enabled features ensure financial institutions can better manage their ATM estate ensuring availability of the highest possible level.


SECURE - Protecting the media in the ATM is key to protecting the investment the financial institution has made in the ATM channel. These ATMs have “security designed in” leveraging over 40 years of experience to protect the ATM against the risk of attacks.





Re-focusing on the primary interaction of the consumer at the ATM

  • Designed to be approachable
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing


External lightness. Internal robustness

  • Familiar tablet-like interface with 15” multi-touch display
  • Simple and intuitive interactions


Upgradeable and Configurable

  • A future-proofed ATM platform
  • Enabling quick and efficient upgradeability













The Cash Dispense ATM remains a convenient, trusted self-service channel for consumers worldwide. As financial institutions continue their self-service reinvention, as part of an evolving digital world, consumers still demand access to cash in the simplest, most secure way possible. When powered with NCR’s intuitive CxBanking software, the cash dispenser unlocks amazing consumer experiences across physical and digital banking channels, allowing you to better connect consumers with cash.


NCR SelfServ Cash Dispense ATMs can also help you to:

  • Transform your self-service network with a reliable, cost effective solution suited to any location
  • Bring your financial brand closer to where and when your customer demands cash in a range of off-site locations
  • Generate revenue by offering your customers additional services using targeted marketing and promotions
  • Increase uptime, availability and operational efficiency through express recovery, self-healing, better dispenser performance, and a variety of security features
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience through the ability to offer multi-touch screens, with pinch/swipe, contactless tap and PIN functionality and mobile cash withdrawal



“Cash withdrawal volumes and values are rising year on year. The $14 trillion withdrawn from ATMs annually around the world every year is equivalent to 18 percent of global GDP, or around $450,000 USD withdrawn every second,”



*Source: Retail Banking Research—Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2022



NCR SelfServ 23


Attract customers with an exceptional ATM experience



Designed to catch the attention of your customers, the SelfServ 23 has a modern and contemporary look and feel including multi-touch capability and contactless “tap and PIN” enablement. It’s an ATM experience your customers will want to keep coming back for again and again.



NCR SelfServ 27


Modern through-the-wall cash dispenser



The SelfServ 27 is a premium exterior throughthe-wall ATM, featuring a modern aesthetic, enabling the latest touch and swipe capability. Designed for ease-of-use and delivering an exceptional consumer experience, the SelfServ 27 is capable of handling the highest possible transaction volumes. 



NCR SelfServ 14


Extend your presence to the “off-premise” market space and into retail locations



The NCR SelfServ 14 has the smallest footprint in the SelfServ ATM range, making it perfect for revenue generating, “offpremise” deployments. Offering convenient, fast cash dispense capabilities, where and when consumers demand.

NCR SelfServ 22e


More than a cash dispenser



Ideal for any indoor area, the SelfServ 22e is designed to deliver cash to your customers simply, securely and reliably. With its compact footprint, it can be deployed and operated almost anywhere. Even in the busiest of locations, the SelfServ 22e can easily handle high transaction volumes. 



NCR SelfServ 25


The ideal fit for your upgrade plans



With complete hole-inthe-wall compatibility with equivalent exterior ATMs, the SelfServ 25 is the perfect fit when replacing your older through-thewall ATMs. Provide your customers with round the clock access to cash as well as a broad range of services like bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and mini-statements. 



NCR SelfServ 26


Flexible placement opportunities to showcase your brand



Specifically designed with a sleek slimline profile, the SelfServ 26 is well suited to very tight locations like through-glass placement or where space is at a premium. The NCR SelfServ 26 is suited to both inbranch and off-premise placement and is the ideal ATM to showcase your brand to the most people, in the broadest range of locations.


NCR SelfServ 28


Freestanding, fully weatherized with flexible placement opportunities



Take your brand and banking services where your customers are— at sporting events or even music concerts. The NCR SelfServ 28 doesn’t need a structure to protect it from the weather and only needs a power outlet and connectivity to your host to operate. Allows you to place it anywhere and benefit from maximum brand exposure, large transaction volumes and revenue generation opportunities.


NCR Self Serv SE Cash


Simply connecting consumers with cash



The SelfServ SE Cash is an interior, small footprint cash dispenser, designed for consumers, and built for financial institutions and independent deployers. Customizable and easy to service, the SE Cash combines improved ATM performance with enhanced service benefits. Please note, the SE Cash is currently available in India only.