The Cx110 is the first thin client ATM to run with NCR Kalpana™ — creating a powerful hardware-software combination to revolutionize the future of self-service banking. Enabled by its enterprise-driven Kalpana software, the NCR Cx110 delivers unprecedented flexibility and rapid deployment so you can dramatically reduce costs as you gain more freedom and choice. The sleek design of the Cx110 features a touchscreen interface for all transactions. This modern interface streamlines the device and provides a simple, user-friendly focal point that delivers an amazing experience at the ATM.

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Attained the world’s first ATM security certification to PCI 4.0
Provides a central point of control for the application, security and operational components
Eliminates vulnerabilities at the client through automatic security and software updates, with no trade-off in functionality
A state-of-the-art cash slot shutter and three security cameras provide strong physical and digital protection from fraudulent attacks

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  • HEIGHT 49.84” (1,266mm)
  • WIDTH 17.7” (450mm)
  • DEPTH 30.86” (784mm)
  • Cable entry point allow 10mm


  • Display - 10” LCD with encrypting touch screen and privacy filter
  • Card Reader - Track 2 DIP/Smart reader
  • Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators (MEEI)
  • Audio - High quality public audio and/or sound jack
  • Portrait Camera - Optional card slot and cash slot camera


  • Electronic receipts via SMS or Email
  • Optional Receipt Printer - 82.5mm at 203dpi


  • Card skimming shutter, portrait camera – optional card reader slot camera, cash dispense slot camera NCR Kalpana Thin Client Software Security
  • Safe - CEN 1


  • NCR Kalpana Enterprise Software
  • Android Operating System


  • Biometrics ready
  • EMV ready