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Cash Dispenser ATMs

At NCR, we're proud to be the world's #1 provider of ATMs, with over 810,000 installed globally. Cash in circulation continues to increase as does the volume (92 billion) and value ($14 Trillion USD) of cash withdrawals at the ATM each year. To meet this demand, you can find NCR ATMs everywhere, from the nearest bank branch, on board ships, in remote villages and even in the Swiss Alps or South Antarctic. With 13,000 technicians in 180 countries, we're also ready to service these ATMs too.

The Cash Dispense ATM remains a convenient and trusted self-service channel and is regularly the face of a banking institution for many consumers. As financial institutions continue their self-service reinvention, ATMs continue to play a key role in the omni-channel experience by delivering reliable and secure access to cash. NCR ATMs help enhance the consumer experience, generate revenue and reduce costs as well predict any problems before they happen to ensure high levels of availability and prevent you from running low on cash.


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What will the next 5 years bring for ATMs?

Anticipating what the future will bring is a big challenge for all businesses, particularly those operating in dynamic, rapidly evolving industries like financial services technology. If you manage to get it right, you will be in an excellent position to prepare your company - and your customers - for what's around the corner.

Did you know

Over 800,000 of the world's 3 million ATMs are NCR machines.