Interactive Expert

Interactive Expert Offers in-person communication and collaboration remotely enabled by video. The demands of modern-day life mean that while in-person, face-to-face interaction and advice is often preferred it is not always convenient. Interactive expert offers access to expert advice and assistance, empowering customers with remote video expertise through their preferred channel, whether in branch, at home or on-the-go. Interactive Expert makes extended opening hours, leaner, more innovative branch formats and increased revenue generation opportunities a reality for Financial Institutions.


  • Meet customers demand to have Face to Face interaction whenever and wherever they desire
  • Migrate to lower cost, smaller branches; augmenting branch staff with central resources spanning multiple branches
  • Expand hours of operations by reaching customers outside of business hours
  • Drive revenue and sales from any location
  • Connect people with other central contact center or resources available in branches to increase staff utilization
  • Offer a single go-to solution for expert advice across all channels