Interactive Banker


Empower branch staff to offer personal assistance and advice with real time visibility and monitoring of the connected self-service transaction. Use customer profiles to drive relevant product conversations and visibility to data to approve and override transaction requests.


With Interactive Banker’s tablet solution, the traditional, static based counter model becomes a thing of the past, and innovative, retail-oriented branches become a reality. Interactive Banker allows you to get closer to your customers through effective face-to-face interactions, drive efficient staff deployments combining the benefits of full-service with the convenience of self-service.







  • View and control up to 6 Self Service devices at once
  • Transaction override capabilities
  • Supports withdrawal overrides and over limit
  • Future new transaction capabilities e.g. Bill Payment
  • One view portal for all disparate applications
  • Identify & offer personalized service based on their data
  • Minimal integration with maximum CRM value
  • Remote view, track and analyze customer self-service interactions in your branch
  • Identify bank and non-bank customers and be prepared for interactions
  • Respond seamlessly to customer help requests

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