Test and quality assurance services


As applications become more complex, software testing becomes an increasingly important step in the deployment process to ensure that your solutions, particularly self-service, are delivering the world-class experience your customers expect. NCR has a Global Testing Center of Excellence, global testing labs, and testing professionals with in-depth understanding of consumer facing applications.


NCR Testing Services provide a full range of offers to improve your self-service application testing including assessment, strategy and planning, test execution, specialized testing and tool automation. With in-depth self-service and industry expertise in addition to strong testing knowledge, NCR has highly qualified testing resources, the right processes, effective tools/techniques and a focus on continuous improvement that will improve time-to-market, increase reliability of solutions and differentiate your from your competitors.


 Our testing services portfolio include:

  • Test assessment: objective analysis of your current testing function including a review of your testing strategy, planning process, test management, practices and techniques, test tool usage, resource capabilities and development lifecycle

  • Test strategy and planning: helps you to develop an end-to-end strategy and planning approach for your testing efforts

  • Lifecycle test execution: flexible and scalable options for improving test execution using our global test labs

  • Specialized testing: provides advanced testing like performance/stress, response time, throughput, certification testing

  • Test tool automation: provides test tool assessments, tool installation and configuration and methodology changes to accommodate the tool(s)